Your thoughts on pop songs?

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  1. Your thoughts on pop songs?

    I'm referring to any non-Christian music here...

    Being a worship leader in a few places, I tell the teams not to listen to or sing any pop songs, because I believe that anyone who serves in a worship band should only use their talents to praise God. I also recommend any Christians to try not to listen to "wordly" songs. But not a lot of people around me share the same belief... So I want to hear about your thoughts on listening to or singing pop songs!
  2. I respect that you don't want to listen to secular music. I fully respect your reasons. I do not respect people who go though great troubles to prove that various styles of music are inherently evil, usually based on their own personal tastes.

    I love music. I love ALL types of music. I soak it up. I rarely ever know the words to songs, though i do make a point of at least getting the idea the song is trying to push. But I tend to listen to the "music" on the song, and not so much the lyrics.

    But I also realize, that not everyone CAN do this. Many are swept into the musical world and allow it to control their thoughts and emotions.
  3. I am more focused on lyrics because I have children.
    To me music is art and I appreciate all kinds~

  4. As long as it is clean I see no problem.
  5. To me, music is about the lyrics and the instruments. I like a very wide variety of music, and I don't think that it is wrong to listen to secular music provided that music is not anti-God, demonic, sexually explicit, etc. There are a lot of secular songs that are not that way. There are some secular songs out there that have an underlying Christian message and I find to be very moving/ uplifting spiritually.

    Growing up, I was not allowed to listen to anything except for Christian music. I still recall back when Amy Grant went secular and there was this big stink about it in Christian circles.

    I can understand why many singers out there get their start in the church or in the Christian market and then go secular-- there is more money in the secular market. They can still use their gift, and even make music that is positive and uplifting, but reach a wider audience and make a little more money in the process. Yes, God gave us talents and we should use them for him, but at the same time we all also must use our talents to be able to make a living in the world. The Bible tells us that we are to be in the world , but not of the world.
  6. Christians often form secular bands, and non-Christians often form Christian bands.
  7. It boils down to what is in your heart and how you use the music you choose! :)
  8. devils music.
  9. I can always count on you for an interesting viewpoint SC!:p
  10. read the bible then read there lyrics,then also they get cleverer and the words don,t sound like them when they sing.take umberrela song,a..a..a...a..a..a.six a,s to the ear etc etc then listen.
  11. It would depend on the song- some aren't worth the listen but remember music was created by God as an instrument of worship and as such He has put that particular gift in us. Each man should be led of God in hids liberty and follow his conscience.
  12. Ah, Smellycat, don't give the devil credit for everything!
    He doesn't deserve that much attention!

  13. I have to agree here and with Bookworm on this.
    I, for one, love U2 for example.
    Satan, at one time did lead the music/worship in heaven. But that doesn't stop the fact that we love music or that it ought to change to one style. Music is in us. It's part of us from the begining. Why? Because we are made in His image. Yes, Satan still tries his best to plug in a few absurdities, but we, the children of God can also plug into the bigger picture, being led by the Holy Ghost, reaching ALL peoples on ALL levels, in Spirit and in Truth.
  14. ^^^ Bono is a professed Christian. Can't speak for how "real" that is, but at least in theory, it's an example.
  15. Hi MOM!
    Gosh! It's been years since I was told this....haven't the foggest explaination, but I found this:

    Question: "Was Satan in charge of music in Heaven?"

    Ezekiel 28:13 of the KJV and NKJV seem to hint that Satan was involved with music in Heaven. The two Scripture passages that describe Satan before he fell are Ezekiel 28:12-19 and Isaiah 14:12-15. Satan was the “anointed cherub†(Ezekiel 28:14). He was adorned with every precious jewel imaginable (Ezekiel 28:13). He was “the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty†(Ezekiel 28:12b). Likely he was the highest of all angels. He was persuasive enough to convince one-third of the angels to join him in his rebellion (Revelation 12:4). Even after his fall from heaven, not even Michael the archangel dares to stand up to him without the Lord’s help (Jude 9). Satan fell because of pride. He did not like being “second bestâ€. He wanted to be God: “You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain’†(Isaiah 14:13).

    Was Satan the head musician? I cannot answer that. Scripture does not say enough about what his duties were in heaven. Considering the fact that the angels constantly worship God (Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 4:8), it is possible that Satan led in worship. For Satan to rebel despite having such an exalted position and close relationship with God – the devil is surely due his eternal destiny (Revelation 20:10).

    Perhapes there are more "wiser" than I that can explain.

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