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Discussion in 'Gallery' started by LysanderShapiro, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. Ya'll make my area look so cluttered! I feel like a hoarder now :p
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  2. Hi Jim. It almost looks like a shrine.
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  3. Other then the shower it is my quiet place. Ok well place any way !!
  4. Here is my little you can see it is not quite as elaborate as all of yours.... thanks for letting me share. Blessings to you all.
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  5. Dont let her kid you. It's more like this and by the way.....that is her rock start on my desk. lol
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  6. Finally I enforced myself to clean my posting space so I made a picture immediately to capture that special moment. This is how it usually does NOT look like :D
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  7. As long as that coffee cup is there it is all good !!
    Nice relaxing space there.
    God Bless
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  8. I do not drink coffee in fact (yes, I know that I am not normal :D). Usually just water or tea :)
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  9. Smiley-ROFL.gif I just knew you were going to come back and say that !!
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  10. I was going to say something to Robine's space, but when I strolled down and saw Jim's ROFL, it took the cake.
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  11. Well I won't be showing my computer any time soon! ;) A friend old fine I haven't seeing for years dropped in and I wanted to show her some pics on my computer...Her eyes were seriously fixed [on my screen I thought] and she called her husband over to take a look as well. His words were "my oh my, I haven't seen a computer like this one for years...does it still work?" "Perhaps you could buy some more rams to zap it up a bit" :eek: end of story...:D
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  12. Hahaha, there's nothing wrong in owning a relic. :ROFLMAO:
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  13. I've looked and I've looked, but can not spot those candles!
  14. Okay, so this is where most of my posting takes place, it's at work actually, where I am right now, and I mostly join the forum when on night shift, like this week ahead.
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  15. Neither can I! What are they?
  16. All I can think is that a Yankee candle is not really a candle, but something else. I've looked for something resembling a candle, but not much success there either.
    This has been a kinda riddle to me, as I stopped at that picture a quite a few times and left with the question unsolved.
  17. Join the club, Arrie! I know I'm not dumb, but I must be out of the loop with some Americanisms!
  18. Yankee candles is a brand of scented candles. I know they used to sell a bunch of them Hallmark stores a few years ago. I don't know if they do anymore though.
  19. Euphemia, I saw them candles.
    Behind the evian... water bottle. Those candles must not want to be burned as they are in camo - in class containers, complete with lids on and all.
    I was looking for an open candle, as we always keep candles "open".
  20. Okay, I am not from your country but your convo intrigued me and I checked out where the original chatter started. There are two glass jars with glass lids on the right of that computer table just behind the bottle of Evian. They are supposedly called"Yankee Candles" :) already spotted it! great xox
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