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  1. I wish it came back; its as dull as dish water today. :(
  2. I can’t believe that spaces of you all are so tidy! I will surely not post a picture of my space because many people would probably run away and never talk to me again :D
  3. Oh come on! Live on the wild side :D
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  4. My lounge is my art studio. This portion of it is the office.
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  5. Nice painting on the wall.
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  6. Thanks Juk.
    It's called 'Two old Friends'.
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  7. Do you sell your art online? Like on Amazon?
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    Juk, I sent you a PM.
  9. All I've got is a blurry minicam view!

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  10. Hello Euphemia.
    Interesting camshot, may I ask what exactly is on your desktop at far right?
  11. Thank you...the object on the far right is just a stand of a stylized bust of a lady with a hat where I hang my earrings! LOL!
  12. Cute. :)
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  13. My home desk.jpg
    My home desk is like this.
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  14. Wow, what a head turner.
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  15. I thought you were an Apple man :) Forget the "like" button, give me a LOVE IT! button!
  16. Sjo, Fish of faith - that is a big setup.
    My PC at home is a meagre Sony Experia V. I do most posting from work while I wait for something to break and then rush out to try and fix it.
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  18. My lil temp place of study
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  19. I wasn't until I got these. Got a free iPhone with them too because of the money I spent. (y)
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  20. Can I come over and play the next rainy day ?
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