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Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by netchaplain, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Due to a further reflection of pondering my post on “The Controlled Fall”, I would like to offer to Admin. that if they deem the content unsuitable for posting, they may remove it with my concurrence.

    I’ve wanted to share that concept for a long time, to see what others think about it but I’ve decided that it may not be necessarily a good thing to share everything you think is or might be truth, because it can depend on the content. Though my intention is never to compete but always for us to learn and be encouraged together, I’m uncertain that it’s okay to share certain ideas that may generate more distaste than encouragement.

    Judging from the replies I see, most are not too bothered by the article but for the sake of those who may silently be so, I’m offering this option.

    I would like Admin. or anyone’s opinion, not necessarily about the thread, unless you also would like to include your input, but about the idea of posting it, but it’s okay if you choose not to reply. It’s a rare blessing to be able to share your heart, beliefs and ideas with others in “the household of God” without being judged.

    Seated With Him (Eph 2:6) <><
    Your Brother Bob (NC)
  2. I'm not Admin but, as the resident buttinsky I would like to comment...if you will consider my input warranted.

    To my way of thinking, this forum is an excellent place to air our views, opinions, uncertainties, our joys, our griefs.
    Thrashing out doctrinal thinking is healthy for not only the participants but also and in a way particularly for the silent and non contributive viewers.
    Rather than revisiting some of the 'by-plays' in the thread referred to, let me just offer that by way of example, hostility and aggression within certain limits are really relative.
    One person might post a comment that literally infuriates one correspondent while going completely unnoticed by another. Of course there are limitations beyond which common decency can not be said to exist.
    You say : "I’m uncertain that it’s okay to share certain ideas that may generate more distaste than encouragement."
    I'm thinking that your view of things here is a little narrow. Encouragement comes in many can you say that there was no encouragement (for others) in what you posted? Were you looking for personal encouragement?
    I could reply to that thought two ways. One would be a bit (to my mind) supercilious and the other a bit more compassionate...(for me :)) I could throw Gen 4:6,7 in your face, or better I think I could and indeed would like to encourage you with this observation. There is some good stuff in the subject thread that should be commented on and I hope to do so in a day or so. It is a deficit of human nature though, that we tend to become focused on issues that do not attract favorable comment, leaving other, more deserving material under a cloud so to speak.
    You are right to raise your concerns.
  3. Thanks Calvin for your input. I seek to encourage others because I'm already encouraged, like telling others where to catch the fish I've been catching.
  4. I can't speak for the other staff, but I personally don't have a problem with the subject matter of the thread. We have had many threads over the years dealing with the relationship between God's attributes, the degree to which He intervenes in His creation, and the degree to which man has autonomy. These are age-old questions and I think they are worthy of discussion if we can do so in a respectful manner and accept that we are not going to agree, no matter how clever or forceful any individual's reasoning may be.

    What I think is important in these discussions is to "push through" the calculations to faith. I disagree with your premise, Netchaplain, but if I did agree, it would not hinder my faith or walk one iota. The potential for it to damage my faith would be there, of course, but I have worked through most of these kinds of questions long ago. I disagree with your premise, but I could embrace your premise and serve, obey, love, and trust God just as well as I do now. Therefore, I do not feel a strong urge to convince you to see things as I do on this subject. Your view or my view will both lead to appreciating the wisdom, grace, and provision of God.
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  5. Well..... I am not the admin.(God bless them)........but for me, I think it is totally acceptable to discuss these matters.
    I have seen no problem in the things you posted.

    This is a forum which means it is open for discussion and thoughts and opinions. IF someone does not like an item......they are free to hit the "ignore" key. We learn from others and we grow by sharing.

    Keep up the good work and do not be discouraged.
  6. Thanks my beloved Brother and the only thing that concerns me about posting certain material is that it's possible that the faith and understanding of some are not fortified enough to be able to remain stable when encountering unfamiliar concepts. They will just require time to become stable enough not to be disrupted in their faith; as Rumly posted, "it would not hinder my faith or walk one iota."
  8. Yes, that is true. When you log in there is a window that shows not only the registered members currently logged in, but also a vastly larger number of guests. It is these guests that must be protected from harm as we can know nothing of their spiritual maturity. We must always keep in mind that our readership is much larger than is visible at any given time. It is our responsibility to exercise care.
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  9. That is the absolute truth.

    I do not know how many times I have "encouraged" members to to understand that what we say is read by a host of others all over the world.

    This web site can be a wonderful instrument in spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus to the world..........................
    BUT it can also be a tool of Satan when some become more concerned about their pet opinions than the clear Word of God and as a result fall into the trap of personal attacks and name calling with confrontation and arguments.
  10. Hi Bob,

    I didn't see in the guidelines that your thread mentioned, would be out-of-line. The issue was a good one and is NOT new by any means. There are so many so-called taboos that some just don't want to talk about, but how else can we ever hope to get anywhere close to understanding the "mystery" of who God is, without questioning dogmas and doctrines. If we didn't, the RCC would be the ONLY Christian Church in the western world.
    God is NOT concerned about our questions, He's more concerned about how we respond to Him. Hosea 6:6
  11. Thanks Stan for your reply!

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