Your opinion on women preachers

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by violet, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Your opinion on women preachers

    Just wanting to know how you feel, please~:)
  2. If anyone is called into ministry, and the calling is from God, who am I to question it. I remember an old preacher telling me something about God's calling once that stuck with me. If you can live your life and be happy doing absolutely ANYTHING else other than preaching, then you are not Called. Do that instead.
  3. Does not matter to me. It is always good to hear from both sides of the coin. =)
  4. 1 Timothy 2:11-12 proclaims, “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man.

    So......I'm confused.

    Banarenth, if a woman preacher is a mother and wife then she would have other very important interests.

    I'm not condemning women preachers but am truly confused with this scripture.
    Thanks all~
  5. I have no problem. Male or female the key is called and annointed by God therefore if she is called by God and annointed by God then I want to hear what she has to say.
  6. I know there are spirit filled, gifted women preachers.
    But what about the scripture I posted above?
    I need to understand this.
  7. In our Church, the preacher is a male, but his wife steps in if he is away in another country, or sometimes the assistant pastor preaches but it doesnt happen very often at all.

    I think it would feel a little weird for me if the preacher was a female because im used to males preaching and only ever see males preaching in other places.

    Violet, You planning on becoming a preacher ? :p
  8. B2ly, no......I am not qualified nor do I have the dedication for that.


    I don't know if I am comfortable attending a church with a woman preacher and I still am concerned with the scripture I presented, above~
  9. hmm

    I was always taught that Woman are allowed to instruct other woman from the pulpit.

    So I say to have the title pastor than that is what a woman should do.

    However, I am confused on the subject also. Joyce Meyer is easily one of my favorite teachers and everytime I hear her I believe that God uses her to influence my life.

    So in the end...I don't know.
  10. Women play a vital role in the Church, but scripture teaches us that women should not be pastors in the traditional sense. As violet referenced above, women are not to teach men or have authority over them. However, women can be very much involved in just about any other capacity, from children to youth to music. Bible studies from the likes of Beth Moore are fantastic and very revealing insights into God's word.

    It's not a popular position, particularly in our PC society, but it is Biblical and at the end of the day, that's what matters. If a church genuinely strives to please God and meet His standard, it seems pretty obvious that allowing a female pastor is clearly ignoring God's rules.

    At the other extreme, many churches take this to mean that women should sit down, shut up, and do what they're told. To me, this is a greater offense than the original topic.
  11. there is a reason for have a awful time talking to women about there problems.maybe this is the reason.
  12. My confusion about this issue and many others stems from the fact that it is from the old testament and we seem to pick and choose what we want to adhere to from the Old Testament. Sometimes it seems very self serving when this happens.

  13. Bassmasa,
    I think I tend to agree with you on most everything you said.
    It concerns me because as you said, in the end it is all about God's word and what the Bible says~

    So, wouldn't I be wrong to willingly sit under a woman preacher?

    Yes, women can spread the Gospel.
    I am with men here but I am working with them, merely stating my opnions, spreading the Gospel, and learning myself~and this is not a church and I hold no title.

    Women, according to the Bible, should be teaching other women and children.

    There are too many women in the church who don't even know what the scriptures say about their place as a wife a mother, such as in Proverbs 31.....

    Shouldn't that be an important role for the older women to teach the younger, as the Bible instructs them to do?
  14. Steveh53~
    I agree some people do pick and choose which scriptures suit them but this is not what I am doing.

    I have female relatives who are licensed preachers.
    I know many women I think are great preachers.

    What would be easy for me is to ignore the entire subject but I don't want to if it is against God's word.

    We are responsible for what knowledge we have.
  15. Violet,
    I was not critisizing you on this subject. I would however like to know just where the Old testament does come into play in Christianity. I personaly do not see anything wrong with a woman as a pastor. We have one in our Church, and although I was not pleased at first, I have come to respect Her and her teachings.

  16. I understand what you are saying because as I said, I know many fine women preachers.
    Hopefully someone can step in and explain about the Old testament....
  17. I think you're right, Violet. If women serving as pastors are against God's wishes, would His blessings be on her and her congregation?

    My wife and I have discussed this many times and I think you're exactly right. Women play an enormous role, but leading the entire congregation is not one of them. Again, in our society this is not popular to say, but it's the truth.

    My church's Vacation Bible School is this week, my wife is leading it. What greater opportunity is there to reach children, and even their parents, than a well-run VBS? She is leading in a Godly way, fulfilling the very role God called her to do and I have little doubt that He will be glorified this week.

    I'm not saying that women can't speak in front of the congregation (heck, my wife has many times over the past few weeks to promote VBS), give insights into their relationship with Christ, or share their testimony, but they are NOT to be the teachers to the entire church. God reserves this responsibility for men only.

    I know that you're struggling with this, understandably so. But, do you think your unease at the idea says a lot about what the Holy Spirit is stirring inside?

    Steve, the scripture listed by Violet is from Timothy, a New Testament book.
  18. Hi Violet! How are you?

    Not to be simplistic, but maybe the person you should post that question to is Jesus:D! Could we maybe think that Paul was just expresing his own opinion about alowing a woman to teach and not God's? He did the same about marriage when he said that as far as he was concerned, people should stay single. Anyway, just my opinion... I have enjoyed and have been helped and guided in my Christian walk by sermons preached by both man and women. If they are just vessels through wich God can speak, the who cares what gender they are? I think there are many confusing and contradicting scriptures in the bible; that's why I think we need to pray and expect divine revelation when we read, as well as read the scriptures before and after so that we can see the context. Here's one that kinda' contradicts the thing about a woman teaching. "There is no more jew or gentile, no male or female..." In other words, no discrimination, please!:D

  19. I am good Miss Laura and how are you?
    Yes, I do understand what you are saying.
    I guess I need to find a church where I am happy and can follow God to the best of my own ability.
    I found one online I like (I think) and yes there are 2 female assistant pastors.
    Thank you~
  20. God does and says things for a reason.sometimes we dont understand the reason at the time.but in the future it will show that it is having a complexed problem,do you trust a short term fix that works in 1 generation or trust the Father for the real solution.good expression you can,t see the wood for the tree,s.
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