Your Observations On The Church And Its Ministers

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  1. My niece , 18 years old , was assigned with a public speech in front of a whole house of people .

    She was assigned with a question :

    If you were given a chance to talk to one of the Church's leaders, specifically the Pope ; regarding your observations of the Church and its ministers, what would you tell him??

    My observation is quite opinionated, her observation as well ....and that would be selfish of her to be so close minded and to deliver a speech based on her opinion .

    That being said , she is gathering facts and is asking what the Christian community think the status of the Church today is.. is it growing for His greater glory ? or the other way..?

    All answers appreciated , thank you :)
  2. I believe the Church is failing as it did before Christ came in the flesh to be our Holy Sacrifice. I see a pattern now that mirrors the state of hypocrisy that the Jewish leaders of Christ's time on earth displayed. I see chaos and dismemberment of the Body of Christ over the simplest doctrines much like the arguments between the Pharisees and the Sadducees. I see people relying more on the "law' in the Bible rather than the Spirit within them-if they have it at all. I see generations of people moving away from Christ and gravitating to the desires of the world.

    But then again: has it ever been any different since the beginning?

    I also see Hope-In Christ. Knowing that His Church will stand until the final trumpet call. I see martyrs like the prophets of old throwing their fleshy bodies in front of the tide of evil as a warning to the next generation. I see joy when people are genuine in the Church and loving one another as Christ would have us. I see people standing firm on the Word in Faith-even when I am too much of a coward to do the same.

    God have mercy on me a sinner...
  3. I'd tell the current Pope (Francis), "You're headed in the right direction. Keep it up!"
  4. The truth is the truth. It does not change. The only way a Pope can improve / do better for the church is to better uphold the truth then his predecessor. 'Changing with the times' in simple English means supporting evil / compromising truth. A reputation the current Pope is slowly getting. He does not make proper speeches. He says X and leaves us to assume that because the church teaches Y, he must therefore mean something other then X. He should keep quiet if he cannot fully explain / teach on a subject. He is supposed to encourage / continually convince people to agree with the truth retained by the church for donkey's years.

    He has not come out with full support for controversial issues, but he has not been clear on his disapproval of them either. This blur only leads to further blurs. Which will eventually lead to a [topic removed by mod because of new topic ban] woman being the Pope.
  5. That's a good question. Perhaps I'd ask how can laity help preserve the teachings of the Church as even many clergymen are sort of liberalizing and neglecting her traditions in many diocese.

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