Your needs~

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  1. Your needs~

    TreyM posted a thread linking to his blog, concerning the needs of men and women in a marriage.
    Good topic, TreyM.

    His list~
    A Husband's Top 5 Needs:
    Sexual Fulfillment
    Recreational Companionship
    An Attractive Spouse
    Domestic Support

    A Wife's Top 5 Needs:
    Honesty and Openness
    Financial Support
    Family Commitment

    I found this very interesting.
    I wonder how each of us would prioritize our own list.

    Mine would be~
    ~A Godly man
    ~Compassion and understanding
    ~A sense of humor

    What are yours?
  2. godly woman
    sense of humour
    understanding or at least respect to my interests
    attractive appearance
  3. Godly man.
    Sense of responsibility towards his family.
  4. No offense to anyone~~~~~
    I am surprised though to see sexual fulfillment at the top of the list.
    It is all a matter of one's personal opinion.
    It is very important in a marriage, I agree.

  5. 1 personality,2to be a careing wife,3to be a friend aswell as a lover.4be good to the children.5a wife that never lets this world get in the way of our marriage.
  6. - Woman who walks with Christ
    - Trust
    - Understanding
    - Compassion
    - The most important thing i want, and have been looking for is of course ... Love

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