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  1. Lord your love is enough
    You are always there for me
    In everything I do you are there
    When I'm down you lift me up
    Your love keeps me going
    As I walk thro the dark vale
    I feel your hand lifting me up
    Oh! Lord, how can I be without you?
    You are everything to me
    When I'm all tired and warn out
    Your strength lifts me up
    You take me to greener pastures
    I feel safe when you are with me
    Forgive me Lord for my mistakes
    I can't get away
    I keep running into you
    You know my every move
    You are always in front of me
    Just waiting for me to catch up
    I feel so close
    Show me the way to you Lord
    I need you in my life
    Lord your love is enough for me.

    written by ramon 27/11/2010
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  2. Just beautiful Raymond. The 23rd Psalm vibrates through those words. Sounds like someone who wants Jesus and nothing more. JUST HIM. Not Happiness, not wealth, not power, JUST HIM.

    Really touched my spirit.
  3. Thankyou for sharing this Raymond (ramon?). It is only when we are brave enough to open our hearts that in them others can see .... themselves, and know they are not alone.

  4. vision 1 I'm so pleased that you got something from what I wrote,as this is what I do all the time write so others may be Blessed, I write in 3 other sites as well so more the better who get blessed, Praise God For what He gives to me to share with others, I enjoy every moment just knowing God uses me to help others.

    God loves you
    and have a very Blessed Christmas

    Ramon :)
  5. You are most welcomed Misty, no you are not the only one who needs help even I do as well, we all do, as I said above I write in other sites and I get here about every 3 weeks, but when I write it is only from what our Lord gives me to write, and before I leave here I will write another 2 posts.

    May our Lord bless you this Christmas Time for you and your family

    Ramon :D
  6. And may He bless you and yours also.

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