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  1. Besides God, who is your idol and why? I know we aren't to have idols, but mine is Celine Dion, the woman who sang the titanic song, "My Heart Will Go On." I idolize her because she has never done anything wrong for the media to scrutinize her for. She is perfect in MY eyes. Now your turn.
  2. You're asking who do we admire?

  3. Yes, I am. Besides God, of course.
  4. Greetings:

    Ariel Sharon:
    His war record is close to Joshua's...Moses's main dude lead God's children to the promise land.Could be that Ariel will lead God's
    grandchildren over to the promise land when he passes in the near future.Recently,folks put a rose on the casket before they leave
    the cemetery;the Rose of Sharon is leaving the cold lilies behind in the valley.

  5. I admire Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Andy Stanely, John Ortberg.
  6. I most admire my folks I think. My dad, who was a convert from Judaism to Christianity back in the 70s, has always been a great dad to me and my siblings, and also very devoted to his wife. My mom was also very loving to us and devoted to our dad. Both are extremely learned, both taught us a lot from academics to handy skills. I learned to better manage finances from my dad and how to defend the Pro-Life position from my mom (who happens to be a retired OBGYN and wrote articles in the defense of the Pro-Life movement from a bio-genesis standpoint).

    Both taught me about being a friend to people, how to be a hard worker, a good family man, and most importantly, being a Christian.
  7. I don't have any idols. I don't even like the term! I like people and think some people are neat. I can't really think of anyone specific that really stands out above other people. I don't put celebrities on a pedestal (not saying you do!)... to me they are just normal people and I don't have a personal relationship with a bunch of celebrities, so who knows what they are like in "real life". I like people who live for God. I think the Duggars seem to be a great example of that. Again, I don't know them personally, but if they are how they are on their show, then they are a nice family. Basically, anyone that I see/meet who I think is really devoted to God is interesting to me.

  8. quite fond of this song -


    you might be missing something on this,

    "the Rose of Sharon is leaving the cold lilies behind in the valley."

    in this man's career, he left many, 'cold lilies behind'.

    as in -

    Job 24:14

    The murderer rising with the light, killeth the poore and needy, and in the night is as a thiefe.

    relatively few people post on rt.

    this man brought out the masses like none before -

    also -

    According to rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, messiah would return shortly after Sharon's death.

    the fact he was kept alive long after he would have died,

    tells something about how those that run this planet 'react',

    to what they fear ...


    certainly, a wise choice ...
  9. Since you're talking along musical lines, I have liked this guys music, and listened to it for some 30 years. It even inspired me to create a few music videos. His music isn't 'Christian' per se, but from his lyrics you can tell he was a believer. (Tommy Bolin, People People, not for profit.

    [yt] [/yt]
  10. I'm not just saying musical idols. Maybe someone in your family, a friend, etc.
  11. Okay, my mom and pop, and several teachers of salvation, redemption, and the Word.

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