Your Favorite TV Show?

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  1. Your Favorite TV Show?

    What just tickles you to watch on the tube when and if you get the chance to watch the tube?

    Here's mine:

    House - I just like the cranky old doctor who always seems to be right. He has a heart, he just shows it in the wrong way. Plus, I like trying to figure out what's wrong with the people on my own. I'm usually wrong - but I never went to medical school, so I don't care.:p

    Don't Forget the Lyrics - I was a deejay for a large portion of my life. Whether you like the song or not, over the years, they stick. It's maddening to be singing along to a song that you just absolutely can't stand.:(

    Simpsons - what can I say?:)
  2. CSI (all of them)
    Law & Order (all of them)

    To be honest, I haven't watched tv in awhile.
  3. Family Guy.
  4. Used to be ER until they changed actors.
    Then it was Third Watch (closest a tv show ever got to the real thing) until it was canceled.
    Now its CSI (all of them)
    Star Trek reruns (the original, please, not the spin offs)
  5. Bones

    I also watch several TV series DVDs that don't show on the air anymore
    Star Trek
    Invader Zim
  6. 12 to 14 hours per day in the Rectory office doesn't leave much time for anything else, but the British 'football' (soccer) games in the Champions League are always quite interesting and spirited when they are broadcast on same-day tape delay on the Fox Sports Network.

    As a volunteer weather analyst, I also do watch 'some' non biased programming on The Weather Channel that does NOT involve 'global warming specialist' Heidi Cullen ( or should I say propagandist? ). But those programs are becoming few and far between lately. When John Coleman ran the network, it was good science that was the backbone of the network. Now, after John was removed from the network, the activists have taken over with junk science.
  7. Battle Star Galactica
  8. CSI Miami, The weather is always warm.:rolleyes:
  9. Dr. Phil
    CSI (Vegas)
    Criminal Minds
    Dr Charles Stanley
  10. Ok you got me talking about tv shows...thats never good :D

    I like those (Dont laugh, I like alotta tv shows): Dexter, prison break, lost, house, xfiles, firefly, supernatural, heroes, Terminator: The Sarah connor chronicles, Reaper, Bleach and Angel.

    I think I forgot a couple more :D

    God bless.
  11. Bones, Lost, Jericho, Men in Trees, CSI-Vegas, CSI-Miami, CSI-NY, & NCIS!
    House, Numbers, Ghost Whisperer, Deal or no Deal, Dancing with the Stars,*inhale*:D
    American Idol, Rock of Love II,
    when I remember: Don't forget the lyrics and Stargate.
    I miss: Surreal life and Pushing Daisies :(
    also: Today show, CNN, CNN Headline, and FOX

    I am currantly unemployed and have no life! *squeek* :eek::p:blink:
    Help me!!!!!!!!:D
  12. LOL

    That's cute, Angel!:D

    About Futurama: Yeah I watch them too. I have the first two seasons on DVD. I don't know why that show never just took can be crazy! My favorite is when the old man was taken away to the geezer planet; they went to rescue him and the cyclops says: We have to be veeeery careful! If we disconnect these too fast, it could damage him.

    A robot-cop springs up behind them and screams: Freeze!

    The gal just yanks the doctor up and the suction cups come off *pop-pop-pop-pop!*

    Makes me crack up.

    OLD SHOWS: Lippy the Lion and Hardy-har-har; Touche Turtle; Grape Ape; Lost Saucer; Land of the Lost (I loved the Sleestacks!).:)
  13. WW,
    Land of the Lost? I will pray for you, brother. That was a show I loved to hate. Unfortunately, we only got one channel in those days so it was either that or do something productive on a Saturday morning. Wonder if any of those actors' careers went beyond that show? Eenik consults the library of the skulls and discovers that the sleestaks are his future, not his past.....:eek:

    Some of my favorites:

    Junkyard Wars
    Full Metal Challenge
  14. That 70's Show

    As stupid as it is - Family Guy

    American dad


    The Simpsons

    My Wife and Kids

    Still Standing

    According to Jim

    Corner Gas

    King Of Queens

    Colbert Report

    Daily Show w/ John

    Local Christian program - It's a New Day

    The CSI's

    Just started watching - Breaking Bad

    If there's nothing else, because I'm getting sick of it - Friends

    Don't have the channel anymore - Myth Busters

    Don't have the channel anymore - Monster Garage

    Game show - Moment of Truth (Does anybody else think this game show would be WAY too easy?)

    Pretty much everything lol. Yea I watch Peachtree (Formerly TBS) That's mostly what I'll watch if it's on, but I try not to watch too much TV lately. I've been happy feeding my mind better things.
  15. Ooooh yeah, forgot about Myth Busters!:p

    Ok, ok, hows about this oldie:......The Buggaloos on Sat mornings. Anyone remember them? Man! I loved that show! Oh! Oh! H.R. Puffnstuff!!!!!!
    Johnny Quest, Flipper,, enjoy Saturday Morning TV Shows / 1960s & '70s
    and Tranquility Forest -- The Bugaloos!! hehehehehehe:p
  16. There isnt anything resembling the programmes I used to love (pre-christian days) ie: Dynasty or Dallas, Miami Vice, Vegas so many of those shows seem to have been lost forever.
    I love Friends but was a late convert, started watching during last series, but have seen them all now, it is quite liberal, and I wouldnt encourage anyone to view them as role models,but the humour is very very funny in places, always cheers me up.
    Oh cant someone ring the powers that be, and get them to remake Dallas or something!:D
  17. [​IMG]

    Why, Spongebob Squarepants, of course!


  18. I have to Agree, Sponge Bob is my favorite show!!
    Followed by Quantum Leap, MythBusters, Dirty Jobs, Cash Cab, Family Guy
  19. The BUGGALOOS people!!!!!!! Come on.....NO one remembers them????????

    *sigh* :sad02:


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