Your favorite laundry detergent?

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  1. Your favorite laundry detergent?

    This seems kind of weird but what is your favorite laundry detergent?
    It could be based on smell, cleaning power, etc.

    My favorites

    all Fresh Rain *Concentrated; High Efficency
    This one receives my #1 spot because it cleans, it has a great smell, and is conviently smaller than most detergent bottles and cleans better than the average.
    Tide w/Downy Clean Breeze *Concentrated
    It is second to all for its absolutely great scent, and has a good cleaning power but doesn't clean as good as all. It works well with Bleach, though.
    Gain Origianl Scent *Concentrated; High Efficency
    I like Gain's scent, and it cleans pretty good. Though, it has a difficult time clinging to my clothes (the scent that is).
  2. We make our own, but add spearmint oil for fragrance.
  3. NTG; I like all those too...Tide with Febreeze is wonderful...

    CSchultz:Do you use lye soap for your base? I didn't know we could make our own laundry detergent. How interesting.
  4. Yes, we use lye for all of our detergents, bar soaps.

    The laundry soap is more glycerine. (I don't like to use glycerine on my skin but it works well for laundry.)

    But the really nice thing about a lye base is that it doesn't foam up which makes it perfect for washing machines! :)
  5. I use the kind that is on sale.:)
  6. My wife won't let me do laundry.:D
  7. Smart man Tyler.

    Did you use the trusted and true "Man Trick" and make a whole load of pink underwear so you would never have to do laundry again?? :D

  8. Ha ha you guys .... we ladies know all your tricks.

    Personally , I use only Tide. I like the liquid. I don't know but I am a tide and true kind of lady.
  9. I did 6 loads this am but I cannot tell you the brand.:eek:

  10. Hey , that's ok.... At least you did it. I am proud of you son.;);)
  11. Nostalgia

    Since we're on the subject, does anyone remember using a 'wasboard' or have parents who used the device to do laundry?

    The term 'Washboard' has also been used to describe a very rough road... due to the surface ripples built in to the laundry washboard from which the description originated.

    For those who are too young to remember, please look at this:

    Washboard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. I grew up on a farm in Africa. We only got electricity when I was in my early teens. So yes I certainly remember a washboard.
  13. Yup. My mother had one.

    And a wringer washer!
  14. Remember??? Heck, we is still using one here in Kentucky.

    Every spring, we round up all our winter duds an take a load down ta the river and wash 'em up usin' lye soap and a washboard. The lye sop is kinda strong, so when the catfish and carp start bobbin' up ta the surface, our dog, Old Blue, goes in and gets 'em fer us. We done tricked Old Blue inta doin that... he gets his annual bath at the same time and don't even know it.

    Granny makes the lye soap herself outa lye and corn squeezin's left over from the kettle in Grandpappy's still. When we wuz little, she done usta 'wash our mouths out' with that soap when we wuz bad, but we got so dad gum drunk on it, she quit cause we went ta school drunk half the time.

    Yup - the old washboard is still hangin' on the back poarch and we'll be a usin' it again next spring when we run out of winter clothes.

    It also comes in handy iff'n we get the 1932 Ford stuck on the dirt road in the winter. Just wedge it under the stuck tire and away we go.

    Sometimes on Saturday night, Granny plays it like a harp and Granddad plays the spoons, Uncle Bubba plays banjo and Aunt Petunia plays fiddle... we done get some good old foot stompin' music goin' right nice.

    Y'all have a good evenin' now, y'hear -
  15. I don't think my grandmother used a washboard. Or she did? I'm not 100% sure. I do know she had a manually operated one, where you washed them, then wrung them through some kind of thing...?

  16. Hey Pastor Gary .... I guess I am one who used a washboard so am now dating myself but every one knows how old I am anyways . Mom used to wash her clothes that way and we as kids had to scrub our socks on a washboard with yellow soap. We never had a washing machine for a number of years later and then it still was done by hand and mom would not let us use the wringer cause we might get our hand caught in it and it could cause a lot of damage . Ah the good old days . Thanks for the memory Pastor :D:D:D:D
  17. I have no idea what I did, she would give me the disgusted/you're going to wear that? look when she would visit in college and I'd be doing laundry. Now we are married and it's off limits. I'm the cook in our family!
  18. This reminds me of when my oldest niece was given her first car. She looked that the inside door and asked "dad what is this?"- the child had never seen a hand cranked car window!:eek:
  19. A couple of years ago, my hubby and I really were wanting to try to switch to more natural items in the household. So, I started buying Calben pure soap laundry detergent. It's supposed to be made for cold water washings, and I love the stuff! I never even use warm or hot water anymore for laundry loads.

    You don't SMELL detergent anymore on the clothes after a load... is it me or clothes always have a scent after they're washed? It just doesn't seem like "clean" clothes should smell like anything.

    Oh well. :)

    I normally use Calben detergent, with a scoop of Borax and maybe a little vinegar in the wash water. I got used to doing that for when we lived at our old place that hard well water... and the habit has carried on until the place we live now. I have no idea if the additional Borax and vinegar help... but any food and work stains seem to come out quite nicely.

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