Your Expectations From A Church - When You Tithe

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When you tithe what would you expect from a church

  1. something

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  2. nothing

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  3. a whole lot

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  4. i expect to even give more!

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  1. That sounds better..... My wife and I have taken in 4 family's, a couple girls through the years until the get back on their feet. Folks that went to our church. The Lord said help them and we helped. We have paid rent for folks, water bills, and fed I don't know how many. We are not rich, (Yet) but God supplied us to help.

    God told us to help these people, they did not ask us. One girl the Lord told us to give 1,000 to catch up her rent. It was our rent money, but we obeyed. God then pulled a Miracle and got our rent paid and then some. How God did it? I could not even follow.

    People have handed me 100.00 bills at church, My son was given a truck at church. He did not ask anyone but believed God.

    My point was we don't hint to others about need, God has lots of folks to cross our path to help. We don't look at people in church to help, but to God.

    Our church is wealthy, and we use to have a mentality that we need to go to every service in case God has someone to help us. Every single time God has helped us big, it was not through anyone in the Church. I have learned not to expect from any source, but from God.

    A month ago we needed 1,000 to pay rent. We had an eviction notice. We had given the rest of our money helping and some women knocks on our door, who does not even go to our church and hands us a check for 1,000.

    it's just how it works, if we will put all our trust in God, and not expect from the church or others.

    Churches should obey God, and the people in church should take care of each other. I agree with that. I always ask God when at church if there is anyone that he wants me to help, even talk to and cheer up. I don't expect from others though.
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  2. I believe that God puts people in our life to help us. I'm not saying God doesn't command people to help without them even knowing there is a need, but I also think it's prideful to sit back and lose your home because you refuse to ask for help from the people God put in your life.
  3. Well what does the scriptures say?...
  4. Ok.......

    Your about to loose your home, they are coming to throw you out and auction it off as a forecloser.

    You go to the richest person you know and explain your situation, they agree to help, and take care of everything.

    Now that it's all taken care of, you don't go ask other people with far less money.

    Is that pride?

    What would it be called if the Wealthy person said they would take care of it, but you decided to try to get money from others who had far less to also pay for your house.

    What would that be called?
  5. I don't understand what point you are trying to make.
  6. Not trying to make any point, just used your lose the house scenario and asked a couple questions you did not answer. Whatever conclusion you draw by how you answer is on you.

    They were not hard questions.

    I can spell it out in simple English if you don't understand my response for Not asking people for things is called pride, if I need to.

    I hope your not in a place where I need to explain though.
  7. Refusing to ask for help stems from pride.
  8. A) you know I was about to trap you in your own words.


    B) you just don't get it.

    Don't matter
  9. I don't even know what point you are trying to make.

    1. No, I guess.
    2. Greed?

    Like I said, I don't understand the question. Is it prideful to ask a rich friend for help? No. Is it pride to ask a bunch of people for help? No... I don't understand how your questions have anything to do with our discussion.

  10. I was waiting for someone to see where I was really driving at. Thank you Banareth. This is concise and precise - to the point.

    What I basically think, if you are not getting some reward - even just spiritual. Well especially spiritual. You know, that thing when you go to church and you just feel you met God face to face. You just feel you heard His voice. All that some situation was resolved because some leader just said something at the right time. If material great.

    I just feel if you are going to a church and I use Hunting's example - if you are gonna pay U$5 000.00 in tithes and then you need to travel to say Europe - urrrrggggently or even help you for a couple of months with U$200.00 so you don't lose your house then -

    May I submit to you that you need to find another church. The thing about this thread is not about absolving you of your responsibility to tithe. No way. I wanted to prompt a discussion on the value of exchange. why are people married 46 years. however noble they are - someone is getting something out of it.

    So if, and this is for tithers sorry, so if you tithe your hard earned money. Yes its to God. But would you continue to tithe to a church consistently for 8 years (U$5 000.00 per month hypothetically) and not get something out of it? Just curious.


    I am a SHE :)
  11. Ummm. You answered the questions correctly.

    Jesus said when you pray, believe you recieve. Don't worry about anything. Let your request be made know to God, who is faithful. (Not your request be known to man)

    Since God said he would supply our need according to his wealth, then asking him, and then asking a much poorer person (like Bill gates) would be greed, not pride.

    You did well.
  12. Who fixes the eggs if your not married?

    If your not getting life changing word, why even tithe to a church? Is anything more valuable?

    When did you start becomming a she? I guess if your name was f150 then you would have been a he.
  13. I have always been a SHE. check my profile page out. I am female.
  14. We don't tithe to get.
  15. Euphemia

    what are your real reasons for going to a church for 8 years straight.

    this question is for people who are brutally honest and not those who hide behind the mask of
    "I don't give to get" or "ONLY God is my provider" yadi yadi yada.

    its for an honest individual out there, who is giving 5 000.00 bucks a month CONSISTENTLY.

    Luckily Banarenth's reply nailed it and cut straight to the chase.

    Yes, we don't tithe to get but would you stay in a church that meets non of your needs ESPECIALLY when you tithe?

    that's all buddy.
  16. Hey a lady too!
  17. lol! I thought otherwise. excuse me fellow lady :)!
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  18. What do you mean "8 years straight"?

    I wouldn't make myself a part of a house where God didn't lead me to set my roots down in, and therefore the tithe would go where He does lead me.
  19. So it's a sin to ask church people for money but it's okay to ask one rich person for money when you need it? That doesn't make sense.
  20. Just to think better of you, I will pretend you did not just post this as I already explained it. Who was the rich person?

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