Young Man Declared Broain Dead Awakens

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  1. Young Man Declared Broain Dead Awakens

    Young Man Declared Brain Dead Awakens
    A 21-year-old Oklahoma native was said to have miraculously awakened after being declared brain dead as a result of critical injuries sustained in an all-terrain-vehicle accident, reported NBC News affiliate WOAI in San Antonio. Family members of Zack Dunlap were astonished when he stretched out his arm and grabbed a nurse who was prepping his body for organ donation. The Dunlap family had urged their entire hometown of Frederick, Okla., to pray for a miraculous recovery. “God come down and give him a miracle. I believe that with all my heart,” Dunlap's uncle, James Blackford, told WOAI. “Doctor came back down and said: 'Well, I don't know what happened. But I guess it was faulty equipment on the first test.’ It wasn't faulty equipment,” Blackford said. “God touched him.” Though Dunlap has a lot of recovering to do many in the town believe that he is alive because of prayer. “I think it's the result of people praying in this town, and committing him to the Lord,” said Roberta Klein, Dunlap’s neighbor. “God has a purpose for him"
  2. I guess it was faulty equipment on the first test.

    Oh, to deny the power of God!
    How terrible!

    I praise Him and here is proof of the power of prayer and that yes, miracles still do happen!!!

    Always keep your faith!!!

    Praise the LORD!!!!!!!

    Thank you, sister Dusty~

  3. NP ,,, sis but I don't think it was faulty equipment it was the power of God that raised him up.

    It was the doctor who said it was faulty equipment cause he did not want to admit that it was a "God Thing ".... a real miracle from God. That's the only way he could explain it . God is still a miracle working God,.
  4. Oh, Dusty, no, I understood it was the Dr. who said that!
    That's why I said to "Deny the power of God"....which the Dr. did!
    Sorry I didn't make myself very clear~:)
  5. I first heard this on tv- what a shocker.

  6. OOPs ... sorry one of those days. You know tonight I drove right past my house and when i got down the road I said where am I going.? Oh well I got to drive back and admire my pretty lights that I put in front .... LOL
  7. O' How I wish I Could Have Been There When This Happened! All I get to witness is when the family is told their Love One is brain dead and there is nothing else they can do for them. When the family request the removal of life support on the patient, I can not think of a harder time for them. They are usually standing around the bed watching a machine that is showing the patients vital signs decreasing. This is very hard for me and I don't even know the patient, what must the family be feeling.

  8. LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!
    And where was your mind, Dusty!
    That's OK, I forget my own phone number......
    I guess I don't call myself enough!
  9. good to hear.:)
  10. This is our Lord thy God at work! Praise the Lord!

    Watch, while the non-believers in this world look the other way and wander around aimlessly for "proof of God".

    I signed my donor card. But I told my family: "Make darned good and sure that I'm gone before they start unplugging things out of me! And tell whoever gets my heart, if it's still useable, that I'm a Christian!":D

    I told my family anything but my eyes. I'd like to keep my eyes - and nothing goes to experiments or study. I don't want to suddenly be yanked back from heaven just to find that I'm a brain in a jar on some scientist's A paperweight, maybe.

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