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Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by Puriel, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Young Christian

    Hello everyone. I just have a few questions.

    I am a young man and I have my ear pierced, am I going against god?

    I also listen to some modern heavy metal bands, (Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine, In Flames and Korn) am I sinning by enjoying their music?

    Also, there's a pro-abortion and pro-gay rights group at my school, I'm very curious as to if anyone can point me into some bible verses that I can inform these people about.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
  2. Welcome little brother! It is a great priviledge to meet you. Personally I would think one should spend the time and know what he believes before meeting the world head on. The scriptures do indeed have much to say on these subjects but I will offer only this:
    Speak the truth in love or you have not spoken His truth at all. Even when confronting blatant evil one must know that it is God's heart to redeem these lost souls.
    Anyway I hope you enjoy the site. There are many wonderful brothers and sisters from many backgrounds in Christ to share with and learn from. Many blessings on your day, brother Larry.
  3. Piercings and appreciation of hard music makes you question your Christianity? @_@

    If that's the case, I don't stand a chance!!!

    Rooster: You are such a drama queen

    Bana: I am NOT a drag queen

    Rooster: I said drama...not drag.

    Bana: *Pouts*
  4. God looks at one's heart not mind, body, or appearance
  5. If anything, it's good, because it makes Christianity look "cool" I think :cool: there used to be a youth leader at our church who had a lot of piercings
  6. Hello, Puriel! These are good questions, but the answers must come from the Holy Spirit. Let Him tell you what is right for you. Seek the Lord and He will reveal the answers.
    The only thing I can tell you is to be careful what you put into your "ear gate" and your "eye gate". For these things get down into your inner man, your soul, and will affect how you act, think and feel. Take a good hard look at the lyrics of the music you listen to and see if it speaks to you. Then seek the Lord and then make your decision about what you listen to.
    As for the pro-choice and pro-gay rights, quoting bible verses at them is like shoving it down their throat. It will only make them more hostile toward christians. The best thing is to love them, pray for them, and let the Holy Spirit work! If the Lord tells you to speak to them bible verses, He will lead you to the ones to use. Above all, seek His face and His will!
  7. If the lyrics are disturbing you, then maybe those are something that you should give up. We are all convicted by God differently. It is not the music that is bad, it is often the message behind it that can be bad. You could try looking into some Christian heavy metal groups. Or find secular heavy metal bands with lyrics that do not disturb you. You might be surprised what stuff you find out there, and discover that you soon have a new favorite band.

    Maybe Banarenth has some suggestions for you to try.
  8. Ear Piercings against God? I've seen scripture that may lead you to believe this, but I also think it is in context. Even if it isn't, God will forgive you.

    Your music? Well, heavy metal DOES effect you. All music does, and studys have shown that heavy metal has negative effects. But its your choice, many christians listen to that clatter you call music. Nothing wrong, but be careful of the message, we live in a very secular world.

    As for your aproching Gay-Rights and Pro-Choice clubs.... really I don't know what to say. Its hard to tell someone that what they're doing is wrong, especially if they feel so passionately about it, that they've joined a club. They'll be very defensive, so prepare yourself well before jumping it.
  9. yes quoting myself
    do realize that you represent who God is
    the people around you may look and judge immediately shutting you out of there mind (first impression), so you can't communicate what you believe
    so going into a retirement community wearing them isn't advised
  10. I listen to Pink Floyd, they're one of my favourite bands. I don't think there's anything wrong with listening to them.. ?
  11. part one

    If in doubt, throw it out!!!!!!!!! : However it truly in the
    end is going to have to be your own "conviction" of what
    You think is correct to do!!!!! Pray to God for direction in
    Your life!!!!!!

    God will guide You, if You truly draw near to Him.

    However if one were to continue with their lifestyle:
    1) If You smoke, then You can witness where others smoke!!!!!!
    2) If You listen to Metal, try and find as Christ like Metal
    You can find, In Your View, to be a witness where Metal is.
    3) If Your Pierced, or Tatooed, then be a Witness to Pierced Metal Heads.
    4) Love God, and be a witness, and if God says to You one day,
    drop the Metal, then worry about it then.
    5) Seek Your relationship with Christ, and let Tommorow worry about tiself,
    because the worries of today are sufficient for today.

    However, if God tells You to drop it today, drop it today!!!!

    I'm a Metal head, and Metal Guitar Player Myself, and I
    worry about what bands say what. I have allways been a
    fan of Black Sabbath ----Because "Warning" on the first
    album, "Speaks" to Me, as a reprise or rebutal to NIB,
    ( which I then in turn had seen NIB ---to be advice to not
    believe in Lucifer being able to be good. ) And I had seen
    all of that, long before I had become a Christian. But to
    this day I can not dispute the anti-lucifer/"warning," way
    In which I was able to interpret things ---because of the
    song "Warning" itself.

    However Ozzy played with altering the natural "Attack"
    and "Decay" of His singing to hide multiple sets of Lyrics
    in places so for example "deadly petals with strange
    power," could also be heard as "deadly battles with
    strange power," etc.., depending on what one can hear,
    which opens a whole new world and debate, about "fluid"
    lyrics ---which can say waht they need to at a particular
    moment ----which is extreemly dangerous indeed!!!!!!

    And yet "behind the wall of sleep," when it sings "Visions
    cupped within the flower....deadly peatals with strange
    power....faces shine a deadly smile....look up on you at
    your trial....chill that numbs from head to toe...icy sun
    with frosty glow.... words ago read to your
    sorrow....words ago read no tommorow..."

    The Bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    however, the song goes on to tell you to die, and die again,
    And thus go to higher Kabbalistic worlds ( which I do not
    recomend ) because "Black Sabbath," "Warning," and
    Volume 4, "Weels of Confussion," etc.., all sugest that
    their "deaths" due to the "world having it's evil way,"
    means that "Behind the wall of sleep," means to "turn
    your body to a corpse," Again and again ----however, if it
    means the first time, to someone, than how can that be
    good, unless it is "death in Christ," which is death to old
    self, in the newness of ones Saved life!!!!
    ( And I'm sure Sabbath wasn't aware of the meaning of death in Christ ).

    And Warning sings:

    "Now the first day that I met ya, I was looking in the sky,
    when the sun turned all a blurr, and the thunder clouds
    rolled by, the sea began to shiver, and the wind began to
    moan, it must have been a sign for me to leave you well
    alone, I was born without you baby, but My feelings were
    a little bit to never said you loved me, and I
    don't belive you can, Cause I saw you in a dream, and
    you were with another man, you looked so cool and
    casual, and I tried to look the same, But now iv'e got to
    love ya, tell me who have I to blame, I was born without
    you baby, but My feelings were a little bit too strong
    ............... Now the whole wide world is moving cause
    there's iron in My heart, I just can't keep from crying,
    cause you say we've got to part, sorrow grips My voice,
    as I stand here all alone, and watch you slowly take away,
    a love Iv'e never known, I was born without you baby,
    but My feelings were a little bit too strong, just a little bit
    too strong................Now the whole wide world is moving
    cause there's iron in My heart, I just can't keep from
    crying, cause you say we've got to part, sorrow grips My
    voice, as I stand here all alone, and watch you slowly take
    away, a love Iv'e never known, I was born without you
    baby, but My feelings were a little bit too strong, just a
    little bit too strong."

    And Planet Caravan, among other songs, But planet
    Caravan is another good example of multiple sets of
    Lyrics in portions of the song -----which in turn could
    possibly lead to pseudo-spiritualy altered lyrics for all
    lyrics in any song, if one were worshiping that kinda
    stuff as the guide in their life????????????????????

    Black Sabbath has allways been highly regarded by
    everyone in Metal, and the first album, and it's guitar work
    were killer: It starts out simple, with the song "Black
    Sabbath," and progresses from their in intensity.

    So who am I to tell you that once "Metal" gets into your
    blood, that it is easy to get it back out???? That one, is
    not easy on our strength alone, and would have to be
    between you and God, one way or another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the Guitar playing in bands such as "Pantera,"
    "Lamb Of God," "Amon Amarth," "Opeth," "Godsmack,"
    etc.., for New Metal, since the span from Judas Priest, and
    Iron Maiden, Dio, and Metalica, thru to today, offers lots of
    choices, And I have allways loved the guitar playing of
    Randy Rhodes, and Darrell Lance Abbott, etc.., Darrell's
    guitar work, on from "Walk," to "cowboys from hell," to
    "Cemetary Gates," etc.., is killer!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. part two

    However, once Metal gets into ones blood, it is up to them
    if they want it to stay there???? how can anyone else tell
    someone that???? If I had to do it all over, in Truth, when
    I still find myself turning to Metal for comfort, when I do, it
    is so I can feel what I still hate, about how the world tries
    and tear Me apart, to say fine, if You suceed, then it's war,
    and I know where My metal beliefs are at. But I would
    prefer to not to have to be in that position in the first

    The world has partialy ripped Me to shreds, so it can try
    and teach me, as it tries with everyone else, that we are
    our own trinity, trying to work things out for our seperate
    component parts????? God is the only Trinity I recognize,
    and God's indwelling were meant to reside in our mind,
    heart, and soul ---all in our upper torso ( since the breath
    of life, was breathed into our lungs ). however, the world
    tries to send us on our own "Magical Mystery Tour," in
    which our various organs, are to be homes, for the
    commings and goings of our various supposed
    enteties/ or parts of ourselves???? ---- So no matter,
    which "type" of belief, the world tries to "rip" an individual
    into, be very cautious how You lead Your saved life, ---
    because if God can preserve Nebuchadnezzar thru his
    heart, as a tree cut down to a stump, with a band of
    bronze and iron wrapped around it to preserve His life,
    ( and in our case conection to God ), you would not want
    to wind up being what is left, outside of that stump, to be
    all tore up, till You were allowed to come back

    And, even though I Love God, who is to tell Me, in My
    being partly torn up, that I in part am not also decieved
    Myself, in which case ---would not My advice also be
    tainted????? So You can see where this can go, and that
    there is only one answer:

    So You have to let God speak to You, and don't trust
    anyone else but God: Because people all have their own
    views of what is right for their lives, but how can they
    know what is right for You????? There are also many
    decievers out there as well, so don't ask Us this one, but
    ask God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May Christ Richly Bless Those Who truly Love Him, Amen.

  13. Good answer Mike.
  14. Amen! It's never really good to listen to music with bad morals. I love to listen to music that raises my attention to God. There is some great Christian music out there! :D

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