You Have Got To Be Kidding Me With This Christian Online Dating! (a Rant)

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by Lifeasweknowit, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Man, someone has GOT TO END THIS. I cannot believe the amount of men who have messaged me, who are not walking with Christ whatsoever. Even a girl on here who said she had zero kids, just had twins! I found one guy on Facebook (who happens to go to 3 services on Sunday) and it was full of cursing. Other guys have just got out of a relationship or even a marriage where the wife just had a child. Sorry, I don't mean to judge but some of these men and women are blatantly not following the Word.

    Please, do not come onto these sites if you are a "Sunday Christian". What are people using these sites for anyways??

    A few things about me:

    -I'm "waiting" for marriage. Though I wasn't perfect before.
    -I read the bible everyday.
    -God is my best friend and I talk to him continuously.
    -I primary listen to Christian music.
    -I don't own a TV or read magazines.

    I would like someone who is somewhat the same. Is that too much to ask for?

    I had one guy ask me if I believed in kissing the first date and/or sex before marriage. I affirmatively said : "Absolutely Not." I never heard back from him again.

    If I had no faith in God, wasn't strong, and hadn't met a seemingly nice man who lives afar, I would have given up on this site the first week I signed up and gone back to secular dating.
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  2. I'm sorry Life, but I had to laugh, the reality does not match the hype, does it?
    To be blunt, most men in this world, of the age group to be dating, are looking for (oh, how to put this delicately?)
    some extracurricular activities of the bed nature. They will say or do whatever gets them to the goal.

    I see in your last sentence that you did meet someone, though long distance relationships can be
    a trial.
    I would suggest that you pray about it and let God handle your love life.
    (and unless you have a masochistic streak, stay away from dating sites)

    When I was about 28 or so, I had gotten completely fed up with the whole dating thing and finally gave up my efforts,
    and said to God "find me a wife or a monastery, I don't care which". A year later I was married, and still am 23 + years later.
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  3. Will you marry me Tink? :D

    LOLOLOL- I told you before to stay away from "internet love"....

    BTW: YOU can end it, quit torturing yourself!
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  4. Thank you Glomung. It's a Christian website I'm on...That's why I'm a bit frustrated :/ I've prayed and will continue to. I have to be patient, I know...
  5. :p It's not too terrible :) I've met some seemingly decent men on there. The guy I'm meeting (though I think I scared him off possibly) is definitely a good guy. I have little doubt about it. I called one of the guys out when I saw cursing all over his Facebook and he said: "You're right. I'm kind of a wanna be Christian." then something about him being "We're all progressing works. As iron sharpens iron. I am just clay."
  6. Be equally yoked...'many will be called; few will answer'...'in that day...many will say Lord! Lord!...and I will say; I do not know you' :D
  7. Like I said to you privately, Tink....It is the same as what Glomung said above.
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  8. I have decided to be less judging and more loving. I have began to write to a few of these men and befriend them, whilst pointing out the error in their ways. One of them, whom I have been communicating regularly with, has admitted that vanity is vice. I have prayed for him and am ministering to Him as well as others. I think this is better than simply blowing people off. Jesus would not do that.

    Glomung, I am meeting the the long distance guy on the 19th~:) We've been talking for some time now and although long distance can be tough, it ensures that we do not get physically intimate and get to know each other on a deeper level. I actually think it is a huge blessing in disguise. We will see. :)

    Thank you all and God bless.
  9. That’s pretty normal when it comes to the dating sites. I visit christian mingle and i don't experience most of the things you are talking about. I mean there are still some people that will get on your nerves but it is less frequent than a place like match.

    And these days, people have a past. So, expect some flaws from people.
  10. Flaws are fine; I don't judge such things as I have them myself. People who are cursing up a storm and having sex freely whilst claiming to be a Christian isn't right, however. I'm on Christian Mingle as well. I've met a lot of great guys on there, but there are some who seem great, yet haven't fully accepted Jesus into their hearts (IMO). The past week has taught me not to put all my eggs in one basket, as I was doing. You have to guard your heart since you never really know someone in the online world.
  11. Wow tink, you sound like my bro he has really strong faith in God... and does the internet dating thing.... his exp was sorta the same.... when he startyed to talk about God ...the girls fleed lol.. but God found him someone who was just as strong as he was.. so just gota be patient.... as for me.... I...ehh im kinda scared by online dating..for me its only face to face. When i was either 15 or 16 , i tried dating online and i think I tried it 3 times, each time i got a pedo..... thanks God XD jk i thought they were who they claimed to be until..some time passed and they revealed themselves and showed their true colors... so for me I cannot do it anymore.lul Not trying to discoruage you or anybody else, b/c God can work through anything, just becare ..its always wise to let God choose, even more so when it comes to online dating..b/c anybody can say anything and be anybody (catfish has proved that XD) but God knows all hearts , who's lying and who's it's good to let Him choose.

    Also, do you really...not watch any tv o_O , if so..why?

  12. Awww have fun on your date : ))) ...and just incase..carry pepper spray : D lol
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  13. TV doesn't bring me closer to God. It bombards my mind with images of sex, violence, and desires to look perfect. I already have too many other distractions in my life that take time away from God. I don't need another.
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  14. thats so true we really do get so many messages from tv that make us strive to be perfect ..and it can be a wedge btwn us and God... so when did you chuck your Tv?
  15. Well, not exactly...I just never took it with me when I moved out of my mothers place so I would always use the living room TV at my roommates place, then I just stopped using that as well. Last night I was watching a show with my girlfriend for the first time in ages and already started feeling uncomfortable with the sexual innuendos. I used to listen to hip hop all the time and now I feel bad when doing so. Must be the Holy Spirit!
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  16. wow thats amazing.... I used to , well i still do go back and forth abit w/ music , sometimes I listen to oldies like stevie wonder's "that girl", aaliyah, and some others.. my brother listens strictly to gospel and instrumentals(I listen to instrumentals too)

    Also i was wondering how do you spend time w/ God since the tv is outta the way XD I think it'll give me tips :)
    also what abt magazines lol why those ?
  17. Magazines are filled with subliminal messages and hardly anything about them glorifies God. Again, it's typically useless information where people are out for their own selfish gains. I suppose I could read magazines about animals and National Geography, but it's just not my style. Although I do like a good techie magazine once in a while ;)

    I spend time with God through this website. I know I should probably spend one on one time with Him instead of coming on here so much, but I just love being able to share a common interest with those who love Jesus and have good hearts. I have grown really close to people on here and they make me want to build and maintain my relationship with God instead of detract from it. I started reading the bible mainly because everyone on here kept saying it! I never thought it was that important, but it is. I don't always understand everything I read, but He knows I am seeking Him.

    Another important thing is understand that reading the word isn't just flipping to a random chapter and reading a few scriptures (IMO). You really need to read the bible in context and start with Genesis. You need a foundation. That foundation can't be built just from remembering popular scriptures.

    That's the part I'm working on now...focusing on the Word and desiring the Word more than anything I could ever desire on this earth.
  18. I drive A LOT for work- last year I think I listened to my audio Bible at least 6 times all the way through....

    Faith comes by hearing....:D

    Now if I could just memorize every word.....
  19. How do you know when it's Gods discernment and not paranoia? Something hasn't been feeling right lately with the guy that's coming into town.
  20. What does the Bible say about unmarried folk 'sleeping' in the same home? The 'Word' is God's discernment-the "paranoia" maybe the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your life shaking you and screaming "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!"

    Tink-I am all for you meeting the dude-with your mom or friends a neutral location. I would highly recommend that he not know where you live or step foot in your home unless you have a wedding band on your finger at this point.

    Want to know how to weed out husband candidates? Get references! No I am not joking...

    #1: Have the dude write you a 'Statement of Faith'-what does he believe? Put it on paper.
    #2: Get said dudes parents contact information and see about their faith and marital status. Talk to them directly-not through dude.
    #3: Get dudes Church information and talk to his pastor/preacher/minister/reverend etc....and examine their 'Statement of Faith'.

    How serious are you taking your future marital relationship? God takes it seriously, shouldn't you? 'Till death do you part'; don't you want to be confident SPIRITUALLY in your mate?

    Besides; I already proposed anyway....:p
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