you either like one or the other

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  1. No sitting on the fence! Just for fun...

    Here are some I can think of.

    Cats vs dogs
    Tea vs coffee
    Bath vs shower
    Butter vs Margarine
    Carpenters vs Doors

    which side of the fence are you on?
  2. Dogs
    Doors(I guess).
  3. Hmmmmmm

    It is hard to pick either cats or dogs
    And coffee i drink way more than tea
  4. !
    Well, nobody got all mine yet...
  5. Dogs
  6. I choose sitting on the fence :whistle: :p
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. You cant sit on it, its barbed wire...
  9. Oh, now I know why did I pick a name of a bird as my nickname :D
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  10. I like 'em all.

  11. Ouch! pun intended.
  12. Both, but dogs a little more
    Tea vs. coffee is both - both cowboys are lying flat on their backs in the middle of the dirt
    shower - always.
    margarine vs. butter, I like both at different times, so sadly, no clear cut choice here either.
    carpenters have to fit the doors, you need both so you cannot choose. ;)
  13. Well im not sitting on a barbed wire fence..

    Mine are...cats, tea, bath, butter and Carpenters.
    And i do have reasons why I like one and not the other.

    Lol. I dont suppose you wanna hear them.
    Well that was fun.
  14. This is the carpenters

  15. Why not Lanolin? This is the fellowship area after all. Please tell us your reasons [emoji2]
  16. Well cats.
    Cos they are cuddly and purr. And they like me. Dogs dont seem to be the same, they smell, bark and are slobbery. Also many of them are too big to pick up and cuddle.

    Tea..because it is refreshing. I dont like the bitter taste of coffee, even if got heaps of sugar in it. Also there are many types of tea, and tea just goes better with food. Herb teas and iced teas are also lovely. Green tea is healthy.

    Butter cos margarine is just a pale trans fat imitation and produced in the sam way plastic is produced. I like natural food. And you cant beat the taste.

    bath cos I can relax in a bath, and have bubbles, or oil...cant really do that in a shower. Also I can do full immersion lol. And another thing. I dont like my showerhead cos we have low pressure and its hard to mix the temp just right so its not so hot or freezing cold.

    The carpenters cos they just sound better!!
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  17. I could listen to Carpenters all day. The Doors would give me a headache.
  18. Before I found Christ I was actually a massive fan of The Doors, Sisters of Mercy, Nirvana, Guns 'n Roses and many others, even though today I think they all have some cool songs, I generally do not make a fuss about their music.
    I do like Third Day, Jesus Culture and so on.
    I will be honest - I do not recall music from the carpenters though, maybe if I hear some, but doubt I'll go look for it.
  19. Well, I just posted a you tube vid above in case you missed it.
    It's one of their most famous songs.

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