You Can’t Change Others – But You Can Change Yourself

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  1. Hi, below is my new article on our want to always change others...that never works. Would enjoy reading your thoughts on this subject.

    God bless,

    You Can't Change Others - Only Yourself

    I’m disappointed.


    Other people irritate me. They don’t do the things I want them to do. They don’t react the way I want them to react.

    They’re rude. They’re inconsiderate. They’re selfish.

    And this leaves me constantly annoyed, angry, frustrated and disillusioned.

    And I’m officially sick of it.

    I’ve decided that everyone else on this planet is wrong, and they’re against me. And they all must die!

    Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic here.

    But in all seriousness, what I said above is exactly how I feel…a lot. Just minus the cruel deaths.

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  2. Good. I know someone like that.
    Well I used to be like that. Lol. I dont hang around moaners and whingers anymore, actually have to make a conscious effort to not and remember their rude behaviour does not need to be returned and reinforced by focussing on them. Got to focus on God and He makes the changes in me the more I follow Him.
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  3. What a great article and lesson!! Thanks for sharing. I've already sent it to my family and my staff - to get them to change :p LOL seriously, thank you very much! It's 100% true! Whereas it took them 43 years to learn, I learned when I was 46! Not the sharpest tool in the shed, I know :D
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  4. Brother I do feel your honest heart, and that is exactly what the Lord see's when looks at us.
    As for me I can not change myself no matter how much I want to. I can not change anyone either. All I can do is place my self at the mercy of God to change me, and allow me to see Christ in me who is my new life. I want Jesus to live through me more than anything in my life. I can not do anything on my own, I don't know how to speak, or walk, and even think on my own. I need his life every moment of every day to do these things for me. While I can not change another persons life, I can share that person who lives in me that can
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  5. Hello Alan,
    Thank you for this article and I hope it brings some change to many people. ( no pun intended)

    What I have learned is to ask God if I am doing things to make this person act like this or if I need to change things in me. I have learned when praying for someone to change you do not want to ever go to God praying change this about them or fix that or make them stop. If you do pray like this then you will see little to no results.

    Now God showed me how to see results by giving Him something to work with. First it starts with forgiving them and loving them NO MATTER what the situation is. Believe me it does not matter for I had to forgive my ex while she was still running around and spending all my money. I had to love her but I did not have to like her or what she and her friends were doing.

    Now if I had to love and forgive in this then what ever the situation is you will need to love and forgive. When you do this it releases a power if you will. Just like faith is an invisible power so is love and forgivness. Then you have to pray for them as in blessing them and praying good things over them. You may have to bind the strong man or spiritual blindness or what ever He leads you to do.

    Then here is the kicker........YOU have to walk in this Love and Forgivness for it is not enough to say you forgive or love but you MUST DO. This also gives God something to work with and when you are willing to change things about you and pray and walk in His love and forgivness then you WILL SEE RESULTS big time.

    It's really that easy BUT people like to make it hard.
    Any way thanks again Alan
    Have a very Blessed and Prosperous 2015 in Christ
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  6. Wish my wife would learn this very important lesson. She is constantly trying to change me into who she thinks I should be, rather than allowing me to be me.

    We even hear this same message (not exactly this one, but he mentioned not to try and change your spouse into who you think they should be) from our church's Shepherd leader.
  7. Dude! That's on page 7522, paragraph E, subsection zz, subparagraph 93, of the marriage manual we don't get until after "I Do", but never written down. :D

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