You are worth more than many sparrows

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  1. Matt 10:31 and Luke 12:7

    Fear not - you are worth more than many sparrows.

    How often have we heard this line with really no follow through. It's kinda like supposed to be an inspirational message.... But it ends up usually falling flat..

    So let's go through it...

    First off.... A caveat...

    You are NOT worth more than many sparrows to the world. To the world - you are worth only whatever minimum they can pay you to deliver what they need today and no more. Most of the time, this is less than sparrows because sparrows can be sold... They have to pay you. This is succinctly illustrated in The Revelation 18:12-13.. Souls of men is dead last on the list of value to merchants after ear wax and belly button lint ;). That's how the world values us.

    But how does God value us - the least of us..... Well - Jesus traded ONE man for 2,000 swine. That's worth approximately $500,000 in today's money. Riddle me this... Why would Hillary's campaign be heading all over "Red States" trying to win House, Senate, and local state elections instead of stumping? Nobody shows up at Hillary rallies - so get crew has to go find some people at the rallies for the state and local Jesus didn't even negotiate - he just said "Yep" - so to Him, that was a fine deal.

    You are worth far more than you can even understand. It should tell us something that God will bankrupt a multi-million dollar company just to win back ONE person.

    Worth so much that the blood of bulls and goats could never cover the cost much less sparrows.

    Worth so much that only the death of His Son could cover the cost.
  2. You are worth going through this

    So He could get to this

    So you could gain this

    Now Then Understand It Was Not The Nails That Held Him To The Cross

    It Is The Love Of The Father our God
    And The Faithfulness of His Son and The Love Of This Man For You That Not Only Took Him To The Cross But Held Him There Because You are Worth so much more !!


    And in Return we must suffer too
    That is suffer the Crucifixion of Our Flesh Daily.
    The Question is Can You Answer the call just as this man did?

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  3. God allowed His one and only Son to die for the sins we do. I would not give up my son for one persons sin much less the whole of humanity.

    That is how much worth we are to God.

    Excellent comments by the way.
  4. The thing that really hit me hard once I really started thinking
    about the account of the demoniac and the swine....

    Notice that the accounts make no mention of Jesus making any apology for the loss of a gigantic amount of personal property. We are talking $500,000 in today's money.

    My entire net worth would not cover this loss - house, job, retirement plan, all my personal property would still leave me in significant debt for a half-million dollar loss.....

    How would I react? How would you react to God bankrupting you to save ONE person.

    This account illustrates that it's God's perogative to do so - and He owes us neither explanation nor apology.

    It makes me start to wonder... How many people came to Christ through the recent hurricane on the East coast? Over a Billion dollars worth of damage and loss....

    How many jaded Christians who suffered loss that simply can't see the other side... That there are brothers and sisters saved because of that storm....


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