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  1. I believe it has been well said that after rebirth believers have the same character, person-hood and personality, all which comprises individuals apart from their nature. It’s the work of the Father in the “life” of the Son (Col 3:4) by the power of Their Spirit that we have another nature (hence “new”), and in all this we now and forever have relationship with Them and one another (2Co 6:1; 1Th 5:10).

    I see it as an acceptable understanding that saints are not supplanted from their individuality but rather supplemented with the “life” of the Lord Jesus (Col 3:3), via an additional nature which is “after the image of Him that created him,” or “it” (Col 3:10). This makes us “complete in Him” (Col 2:10) and the Spirit by this new nature the believer is “separated” (circumcised) from the old nature (“old man”), and though it yet dwells within them (Rom 7:17, 20) they are not in it (Rom 8:9), esp. concerning its guilt (Rom 8:1) and its control (Rom 6:12, 14).

    The testing (strengthening) of faith using the “old man” is continually glorifying God by manifesting His “work” (Phil 2:13) within the redeemed. The sin nature and its effects are no longer a part of the saint’s life (other than its presence) concerning its ability to effect sinful desire. The natural man cannot but desire sin but the spiritual man cannot, due to the Spirit’s work within (Gal 5:17), and the Father’s “work” within.

    For believers, all the “newness” (“all things are become new”) is in the nature which is of Christ (Col 3:10), which supplements believers—not supplants them! It is a common concept that it is all Jesus and none of believer, but this is in reference to that which produces “all things that pertain to life and godliness” (2 Pe 1:3), in which that which is created could have no part in effecting, but only in receiving. If the individuality of the person was eliminated, with who would there be to have fellowship? Our Father already has fellowship with the Son, and therefore desires the same with those who come to Him.

    - NC (BobH)
  2. When I was 22, I started efforts to repent. I met an old friend who was surprised I was no longer drinking beers and smoking pot. It seemed to him like I was not the same person anymore. He was disappointed in my behavior. Our paths split.

    After Paul converted, he lost his job arresting and persecuting Christians. He became a new creation.
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  3. Hi Dqhall - Thanks for the interesting comment! Yes, what we do manifests what He did, and what He does; gave us faith and keeps us growing in the strength of it!
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  4. One who believes may be similar to the old self, in as much as the fingerprints do not change, the iris color and DNA signatures do not change. How the believer acts and does might change. Some who are obese might become thin. Some who are weak might become strong. Some who have little knowledge might learn more. Those who are lazy might become busy. Those who are lost might be found. With faith some with chronic illnesses might be healed. Those who stole might pay back. If one knew how to repair before repentance, one might learn to repair more after repentance.

    While faith is not visible, it might produce visible results.
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  5. Amen, and thanks! I was also wondering if Hall is your last name because it's also mine?
  6. Yes, Hall is my last name and a very common name. I have web pages from my trips to Israel at
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  7. I appreciate your photo and literary journalism work of Israel!! God bless!
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