Yoga And Fitness Again

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  1. Hi all! I've read a very interesting thread here about yoga and whether it is right or wrong. Unfortunately i can't find it anymore. Can anyone help me find that discussion? Between, i am a huge enthusiast of fitness and anything relateg to that, so i wonder if it's safe to try out new fit trends, or they're affected by new age and occult spirituality.

    For ex. i do a lot of simple stretchings and workouts like pilates and tabata and they seem to have very similar movements and poses to yoga, sometimes the exercises are the same. So i would like you to guide me and enlighten me a little if you have some certain knowledge. God bless!
  2. Currently i have a weekly schedule with jogging, pilates, tabata, cardio, stretching and sometines if i'm not too tired i add some weight training. I have two rest days.
  3. Cool. I do weight lifting and cardio. No yoga for me (y)
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