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  1. yet another newbie

    Hi. Glad there was room here to squeeze me in. ;) Thought maybe this would be a good place for a first post. I don't know much what to say to introduce myself right off the bat.

    Well, I'm born again which is the main thing to say. I'm married now for 17 years. Never could have children, but I was "mommy" to the sweetest cocker spaniel for 13 years. I lost him July 24th to cancer and am still grieving deeply. But through my tears and pain, God is, has been and I know always will see me through every step of the way.

    I know that's a fine howdy-do to dump my troubles in a first post, but I hope it's ok.

    On the brighter side, my husband's work has us traveling quite a bit and right now we're out west in California. I feel like I fit right in with the Beverly Hillbillies, what with my accent and southern rural country ways. :eek:

    I reckon I should stop here. I'm looking forward to doing a lot of reading and writing here and I'll be happy to pray for any/everyone about anything. I think I saw a prayer request place.

  2. Hi April! How's May? :lol:

    Just kidding! :lol:

    Welcome sister. Take a load off and give it to God. Glad you're here :)
  3. Hello April...

    A big welcome to our forums....Its great to have you aboard & there's always room for someone new :)

    Sorry to hear about all the past but from experience all i can say is that God makes all things new...


  4. :welcome::welcome::welcome: to CFS. You will love it here and the people on this forum are God loving and very friendly. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Enjoy and God bless.

  5. [​IMG]

    So glad to have you with us!

  6. Hey April, you say your have an accent and southern country rural ways,you my dear must be from the south huh?
    If you be from the south we will get along just great tee hee.
    GBU Tavy
    ooops I forgot to say welcome.
  7. May is doing fine, but June is a bit under the weather. :D I'm glad to be here too and thank you for the welcome.

  8. Thank you for your understanding of my loss. {{{{{{{Cheri}}}}}}} Thank you for the welcome. Thanks also for the links. Hope I haven't made any rule mistakes. :eek:
  9. Thank you for the welcome, and you're so right about God making all things new. He's sure doing that in my life and is far from finished! :)
  10. Thank you for your welcome. From what I've seen so far, this does seem like a kind, caring place where a body can feel "safe" and at home.
  11. Your welcome is most appreciated as well, Tavy. And yep, I am from the south. In fact, I was born and raised in Ga., but have also spent many, many years in Tennessee too. Also a little time in South Carolina. My husband is retiring soon and we're thinking on settling in the mountains of North Carolina/Tennessee area.

    OH, I almost forgot. I did say I felt like the Beverly Hillbillies when they came to Ca., but I'm not in Beverly Hills, and I don't have the tens of millions they had when they came. Why we don't even own ONE million! :D

  12. To whoever can help. I can't seem to get into where you do the profiles so I can write my profile. Says I don't have enough permission or something like that.

    edit to say never mind, I tried again and it worked. I hate something not working and you go to get help and then out of the blue it works. Embarrassing!
  13. I KNEW that you had Georgia blood in you, yes I did teee heeeeee. The SOUTH will rise agin. NO WAIT!!! OOOPPPPPS dang it!! I keep forgetting "we" never rose the first time did we? tee hee:D
  14. hey there mrs april! im new myself! im 21 an have been married for 2 years an 3 months. an weve been trying to have babies for that long. im not able to have babies as of right now. im on meds an their hopin but if not, welp my cat suki an 6 week old baby kitten skuli is all the babies i need! cause they keep me on my toes! you seem very sweet, an i hope to talk with you soon. much love and peace

  15. Welcome here, April. :) You sound like you have had a really full and interesting life! I look forward to reading more in the future. Sorry to her about your dog. I had one dog my life growing up, and after he died, my parents went out and bought another dog they named "Luke" for Luke the physician, the healer. He turned out to be quite mean and would bite people, so he had to be put down. Now we have a very sweet mixed schnauzer from the pound, who is wonderful.

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