Yesterday at midnight.

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  1. Yesterday at midnight.

    Stayed awake through the night
    Wrote this without a source of light.
    Sat up pondering upon the questions in my mind
    Searching for answers that I couldn't find.

    Prayed that He'd show me He's real
    Or that when I needed Him He'd be near.
    Prayed for a reprise from toothache - that He did not give
    Prayed for a heavy rain - that He gave for relief

    Though the moment of escape was brief,
    It did serve to refine my belief
    That when I stop asking,
    I may then start to receive.

    How that works out, I do not yet know
    But you could pray a personal prayer, that He'd show
    And then He'd grant you knowledge, and the understanding will flow
    Everything will click,but it may be too much at one go - so don't blame me should you radiate a glow.

    (ps,it was really done in the middle of the night so I'm sorry if it doesn't seem to make sense..Also I've noticed that the last line's a tad too long,so I'd love it if someone could give me tips on improving this.. thanks :D)
  2. really like this.. it is heart felt.. alwyas know that HE is real, and will come in HIS time, though to us, it might not be when we want..

    And I hear you about the toothache, worse than cdhildbirth in my opinion.
  3. thanks :)

    ugh.I've never experienced childbirth,but toothache must be one of the worst torture.ever D:
  4. Awww. Praying for your tooth situation.

    Loved the poem, that was awesome!

    He will show you He's real. It may happen tonight. Please check your PM inbox.
  5. thanks! I wish i could just reach into my mouth and PLUCK it out >.> ugh. oops horrible image :p thanks for the links,they were AWESOME :3

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