Yeshua of nazareth is Lord.

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  1. i don,t understand why they do that singing rubbish and then talk.annoys me.good old straight talk works for i.:D
  2. "we're raising criminals".. very true.. I go in a bus and I see all these 15-16 year old kids and they're in a group and making fun of everyone and wearing horrible clothes (not torn, no, but "rap" type you know what I mean) and I just pray for them in my heart. it hurts me to see this generation so horribly going low.
  3. but I really REALLY wonder.. do they feel the presence of the LORD?

    they may enjoy themselves and so forth.. but are they uplifting themselves instead of leading their followers to Jesus?

    "Follow me as I follow Jesus"
  4. there in a horrible world with greedy pigs,who are selfish.i hope everyone gets out of this hole.

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