"Yes, Lord"

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  1. "Yes, Lord"

    "No, Lord," Peter declared. "I have never eaten anything that our Jewish laws have declared impure and unclean."
    —Acts 10:14

    There are certain words that go together, such as “Yes, Lord,” “How, Lord?” and “When, Lord?” But there are other words that don’t go together. These include “No, Lord” and “Never, Lord.”

    I was working on a message about this on the day my son Christopher died. When I went back and reread those words, they took on new meaning because they described how I felt when I heard the news: “No, no. I am not good with this. I don’t want this. I don’t accept this. No!”

    There are times when we feel that way about the will of God. Even Jesus, when He was in the Garden of Gethsemane, recoiled from what lay ahead. He prayed, “My Father! If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine” (Matthew 26:39).

    Jesus, who was sinless and perfect and holy, was looking into the abyss of all the wicked things in this world, everything that is sinful and unholy. And Jesus knew He would have to bear all of that sin upon Himself. That is why Luke tells us that “his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood” (Luke 22:44). Jesus was under the pressure of it all.

    Sometimes it is possible for the cup to pass. But then there are times when God will say, “No, you have to drink it. You have to go through it.”

    If we believe in the providence of God, then we know the Lord is in control of all things. And we know that He will do something or allow something for purposes that we don’t necessarily understand. We might say, “Never, Lord” or “I don’t like it, Lord.” But ultimately we have to say, “Yes, Lord.”

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  2. My daughter has multiple disabilities and when she was young we were told they were life limiting and she would not live beyond 15 years. This could have been a NO moment in our lives. Instead my husband and I gave her to the Lord, thanked him for the opportunity of caring for her. A prayer circle started across the world with people we had never met. We watched her grow and it was obvious that a misdiagnoses had been made (or in my mind a gift from God) She started to walk at 3 years, she is now 31 married and working. She still has a few minor problems.

    My husband and I watched other families with disabled children say NO, we watched the stress lead to family break ups and fighting. We praise God that we said yes, we are here, this is what we have, thank you for choosing us to have this child.

    We have spent the last 10 years dedicated to teaching and helping adults who live or work with disabled children, especially autism and hidden disabilities.

    If we had said NO and fought against it, fought with each other, fought with God we would not do what we do now. The experiences we have had, hard as they were when she was younger are now used to serve God in the way he always planned.

    Praise God for his long term wisdom and if we say yes we don't know what he has planned. Trust is the key word, let go of negative emotion and allow God to be in control.

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  3. Greetings Neddy
    Thank you so much for sharing this most precious and encouraging testimony. Just think how greatly things could change if others would just grasp ahold of this.

    Letting go and saying Yes to God and not only believing what God has said He would do But Acting like it as well. Our Actions and Reactions Speak Loud and Clear about our Trust and Belief in Him.

    Far too many folks simply accept everything as God's Will or plan or doing and claim they are suffering for Christ and in all truth, they are just yielding to deception and Accepting what the enemy has done as God's perfect plan for them.

    God Will Do what He Has Said He Would Do but we have to let Him by giving Him something to work with or in. Faith and Trust which spells Confidence in Christ!

    Thank You again so very much.
    In His Grip
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  4. I can't remember becoming a Christian. I seem to have always had God n my life and could not imagine life without him. So if I am honest giving Ellie to God was natural. But there an extra bit of the story. 10 years ago I was already delivering training around inclusion and my husband was the principle bread winner. But... He had a huge nudge from God to give up a secure well paid job and pension to leave work and join me full time. This could have been another No moment. We had applied for a short term contract and initially we said let's see if we get it before you make a decision. That however was not what the Lord wanted. He asked my husband to trust and hand in his notice. Martin was honest to the Lord and left work in trust. We don't have mega monies, but we have never been hungry. God will find a way.

    As the song says 'God will find a way, for there is no other way'

    Thank you for your encouragement I am really enjoying being a part of a Christian forum. Love Neddy
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  5. Thank You for bringing the Love of God to our wonderful cfs family.
    That's Key!!
    If you have to know why or how before you will follow through in what God asked or said.......you are Not trusting Him.

    Thank you again
    God Bless
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  6. Thank you for sharing this and your testimony. Sometimes it is really hard to say, "Yes, Lord." But when we know that God works all things for good to those who love Him, we then know that whatever it is, it will be alright because He is with us and guiding us.
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  7. I agree. That is a wonderful story.
    They told me my only child (a son) had leukemia when he was 11 months old. I, too, had a prayer group praying all over. Within a week the doctors told me they made a mistake in how they read the results and that he had a severe ear infection and I could take him home. I believe he was healed. They had him on the cancer floor at the pediatric hospital. A doctor does not misread blood tests. God is in control. What you do is wonderful. Thank you for the reminder.
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  8. That is actually not my testimony, it belongs to the preacher Greg Laurie who writes these daily devotionals. His son died and it was a hard time for him and his wife. He is a preacher in CA. I do not live in CA, but I do follow him. He is a good preacher and I love his devotionals.
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  9. Oh my....So sorry about that.
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  10. Hi Coffee drinker
    I so understand, Gods grace is wonderful. I have just spent the last two days at the UK National Autism show London speaking to parents and hearing of such love parents have even though life is very dfficult. It's incredible to hear such stories. I believe that I see Gods love in others even when they are not aware of it. Some parents are near the end of their tether, yet there is always sparks of love to be found.

    Our experiences can all be used in Gods work and provide us with empathy and understanding if we are open to dealing with any of our own remaining outstanding hurt or emotional baggage and be willing to be used by God.

    It's not always easy and sometimes I just want to hug a parent, but need to remain professional (it doesn't always stop me) but without having our Ellie we could not do what we do. We always praise God for our experiences.

    Thank you for sharing your story!
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