XenForo for CFS may be?

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Haven't we all? :D
  2. Hrmmm...I was worried about the migration. I know because the forum is so dang big it would probably kill a lot of functions and we might loose accounts, too. I've seen that happen. One forum migrated and everyone had to reopen their accounts, all threads and posts were lost, everything was a mess. You basically had to start all over again - I know what a pain that was for people with over 5,000+ or staff members since you couldn't check old threads for reference...
    Plus, I haven't checked the admin controls in ages so I can't really say on that, lol. I just remember some of the features were much stronger and controlled, but one thing I had to criticize was that they were a bit too complicated. Like I set up a fake test account on an old forum and tested features on it...the ban controls were really odd for me and not as simple as the vB or phBB ban controls.

  3. That would happen when back-ends are very different. In our case, they are the same. Some functions will be lost. Member accounts would be retained and no one would need to do anything like change passwords etc because both xF and vB have similar password storing methods. According to the developer:

    Both vB and xF were developed by the same people. They developed xF with primarily vB owners in mind.
  4. I know that the migration from vB to xF would not be difficult for the reasons you stated. I was talking about a migration to a different server such as Invision board.

  5. :) I thought I was alone. :smiley10:

    Migration to IB, not sure Near. They say it won't be a problem. We'll have to wait till they release it out. :rolleyes:
  6. Feedback to future CFS, please browse our future software (xF) and make a suggestion at their community. It will help CFS eventually get a better software.

    Love you. :)
  7. Hopefully it won't since its real similar not completely different. I had forgot about that; I know so many times on forums we've lost some things or everything. I try to always have back up of what I posted or go back on here and saved the most important threads just to be sure.

    Is this the address where you can always be reached even when the site is down?
    Christian Forum Site <webmaster@christianforumsite.com

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