XenForo for CFS may be?

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  1. XenForo for CFS may be?

    We've been using a software called vBulletin for many years for CFS and I've made big investments to support and tweak this software for our needs over the time. vBulletin as a company is not doing well now that it has been acquired by another corporation and they are struggling to keep their old customers. Their software has a lot of bugs and they take too much time to rectify them. Most complaints are that they are not listening. Many forums like CFS are getting affected because of these reasons and more.

    A few months back, two of their lead developers left them and and recently started a new company based on feedbacks and complaints vBulletin used to receive. End result is a simple and fast vBulletin like software called XeneForo which I am now seriously considering for CFS. It's not out yet, but there is already a huge following for this one.

    Browse their site here: XenForo Community
    and let me know what you think. :)
  2. Logistically what you're saying sounds good . and nothing on the site tripped off any discernment alarms . and it has a clean appearance . if you think it would make it easier to get what you want to get done on CFS, i'd say go for it .

    this thread seems to speak to the question also

    For those planning to convert an existing forum to XenForo... | XenForo Community

    they seem to be talking about a test-then-convert option .
  3. Thanks Michael. I may buy a license a few days or weeks in advance to take advantage of their early adopters pricing and install it here when a few big boards have already converted theirs and given good feedbacks. Thank you God for my tax returns. :D
  4. Historically, VB has been pretty good software. Bugs, yeah, but all of them have bugs. The thing about VB is that there are so many forums using it, a lot of very good hacks have been developed, which greatly enhances the software as a whole.

    I wouldn't switch until a lot of others have done so. You do not want to be serial number 1.

    Been there, done that. :D

    oh, and I'm curious.. what version are you running. It doesn't look like VB4
  5. It is vb4, one lesser than the latest version. Version does not appear because we have a branding free software here.
    I've been one of the biggest fans of vb. Not really anymore. We need a software that keeps up with the times. :)
  6. Looks nice Jeff, I like it
  7. It'll prob get some getting used to, but it looks pretty simple :)
  8. I agree, it's simpler to use.
    Software release is expected to be at the end of summer. We'll have to wait a few more days or weeks for feedback from other board owners.
  9. Hey Jeff,

    is blogging still gonna happen in the Xenforo?
  10. That's my concern at the moment. They won't release blogs or gallery addons straightaway. I'll ask this question there and let you know.
  11. Will we still be able to post my graphics the same way?


    You know I like my graphics.

  12. Yes, their image handlers are even better. :)
  13. Hm...sounds interesting.

    Jeff, I think the best thing to do before making such a big switch is comparing more than one forum software and seeing the benefits, or pros/cons of each.

    Have you considered Invision? I remember back in the day when I was into forum management, I was able to acquire Invision software (for free) of no charge. It was aesthetically beautiful but also powerful in its control, I mean, really, really powerful. It might help the moderators out by giving them a 10% boost in forum management. Plus, it's fast, easy to work with, and generally has a very sleek and professional look that can be added to for taste...
  14. I was looking at Invision for sometime. Problem is they don't have all the back-end admin functions like vB has. vB and Invision functions very different on the admin side. They have a very good front-end though. But we need more than that. Migration won't be easy. I have been also following a few site who migrated from vb to Invision. Results weren't that impressive. The good thing about xF is that its developed by two former vB lead developers. xF already have implemented similar back-end features as vB which could make transition smoother from vB. Anyway, I am yet to see the back-end for xF. Can't say much without having a look. :)
  15. Hi Jeff

    Who knows what a new one will be like until some use it to see how it works for them. If we don't have to make a fast decision, maybe watch them a little while first and look around at others in the meantime. Of course if you think this one is going under immediately and this would not even work, well you would need to do whatever seems best. You're the boss man :) I dont want us to get into a hassle about forums again, as long as it works good, it's your decision whether to change or not and to which one.
  16. It would be good to have some of our members register on xeneforo.com and offer them suggestions so we have a good bug free software before they make their release. :) I have and my username there is 'jeffinj'.
  17. I'll be careful and watching them really closely and offering them suggestions. I won't switch as soon as they release it. I usually wait till another fix release unless the responses are overwhelmingly positive from big board owners.
  18. Thats wise, because then you can sit back and see what they encounter and if their fixes work instead of being involved in the first go round
  19. I've made the mistake before of jumping into things. With major decisions, I've been more careful. :D

  20. Awesome! :smiley90:

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