Written on His thigh

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  1. Written on His thigh

    (1) The thigh of Abraham (Genesis 24:2, 9)
    (2) The thigh of Jacob (Genesis 32:25, 31-32)
    (3) The thigh of Joseph (Genesis 47:29)
    (4) The thigh of Ehud (Judges 3:16, 21)
    (5) The sword on the thigh (Psalm 45:3; Song of Solomon 3:8)
    (6) Smiting on the thigh – a sign of shame (Jeremiah 31:19; Ezekiel 21:12)
    (7) The name on the thigh (Revelation 19:16)
  2. Very interesting!
  3. I Wonder what that means?? That is very interesting. I cant wait till we are with our father and all of this is explained or , we are given the knowledge of his word in full.
  4. I didn't know that the word thigh was used so often in the Bibe, very interesting. It would be an interesting study, I'm sure. I may be incorrect, but I think in the days of Abraham you would place your hand on someone's thigh to take an oath.
  5. Thish spiritually speaking symbol of strength, pride.

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