Writing a book for JESUS!

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  1. I have a new project: I want to write a book dedicated to Jesus.

    I don't want to go into details, it's still too early for that but I can tell you it's a short novel based on true events.

    I don't care if it sells or not, I just want to write it and get it published.

    Please pray for me, may the Holy Spirit guide me and enlighten me.
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  2. Will be praying my Brother and Remember.....if He called you to do it then everything you will need is already supplied and successful.
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  3. Praying in agreement with you both. Amen
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  4. Go for it brother!

    "Dear God, I pray for my brother that You will fill him with your Spirit and give him encouragement and enlightenment to properly present Jesus as the blazing center of reality..........In Jesus name, Amen"!
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  5. It seems that the enemy is already trying to sabotage this project of mine.

    I contacted two people that could help me with this and their replies were extremely negative. :( :( :(

    May Jesus Christ protect me and may the Holy Spirit guide me, I really want this to work!
  6. Flavio
    Did you really think our enemy was gonna call a staff meeting and proclaim that Flavio that Christian guy is wanting to write a book about Jesus , yes about that guy who kicked our butts and stripped us of power and took back the keys of death.

    Now let's all stand down and allow Flavio to be at peace and let's encourage others to help him write this book about the Man that can change lives of those we already have captive.

    Bro, stand your ground other wise these little tiny attacks will make you Disqualified in the readers ears and eyes.

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  7. If u need any help you can contact me, ill be happy to help God will be with you and sanctify you while you are making the book
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  8. Good for you, I think many of us would like to write a book including me..:)
    For example here's one of the little stories I wrote and posted in various religious forums, the idea was to put Bible incidents into modern language; this one is based loosely on the 'Woman at the Well' incident-

    Leonora had had a rough life. A string of lovers had treated her bad, and now she'd ended up with another here in this remote village in old Samaria miles from anywhere, going out of her skull with boredom and feeling as if life was passing her by.
    Then her latest fancy man shouted from the other room telling her to go get some water,so she trudged wearily down the road in the sweltering heat to the well.
    A few travellers who she'd never seen before were sitting there in the shade of the trees looking tired, yet good-humouredly talking among themselves, and one of them smiled and asked her in a Galileean accent to draw some water for them.
    She was surprised that a Jew would talk to a Samaritan , but he chatted a bit more with her about "living water" and other matters, and about her poor track record with men who used her like a doormat.
    She told him how she yearned for the bright lights of Jerusalem where things happened and where it said in the ancient scriptures the Messiah would appear, though if and when that would be, nobody knew.
    She said she liked to dream what he'd be like, a warrior king maybe, in bright silver armour riding a proud white horse, and that he'd explain everything to the people once and for all.
    "Huh! i'll never see the Messiah stuck out here" she said as a tear rolled down her cheek, "when i die that's it, nobody'll remember me or even know i existed, and he wouldn't want to talk to a nobody like me anyway..".
    The man gently brushed away her tear with his fingertips, lifted her chin, gazed straight into her eyes and softly replied with a smile:- "I'm him. He's talking to you now.."
    And the woman in that tiny remote village long ago will be remembered in the Bible until the end of time..

    "The woman said, "I know that Messiah" (called Christ) is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us."
    Then Jesus declared, "I who speak to you am he." (John 4:26)


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