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  1. I really like Wretched.tv with Todd Friel. I believe that Mr.Friel is very biblically sound (apart from the fact that he allegedly believes in Calvinism, though I have not gotten any proof of it) and he is also very funny. I suggest that if you want some sound Bible doctrine with humor then you should try out Wretched.tv, which can be found on YouTube and on their own website. Phalanx.
  2. No thank you !
    Googled him. Read some of his stuff and how he uses it - compared it to the word - big stretch.
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  3. He's got some pretty solid stuff, I listen to him on occasion and don't find anything wrong with what he is teaching. better than a lot of the guys on the radio
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  4. I'm putting my money (if I had to bet on it, that is) on him being a Calvinist:

  5. sorry............I forgot.......thanks for the reminder.

  6. I like Todd Friel
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  7. You're being sarcastic, right?

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