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  1. Our ministry site, http://glorytotheking.net is now on a WordPress platform. I use my own theme, designed with Artisteer (which, btw, I totally recommend if you have a self-hosted WP site and want your own theme.) Back to the subject - a couple of days ago I updated to WP 3.3 and now for some reason it is refusing to pick up my background image, which left my site stuck on a black background - ugly, ugly, ugly!!!

    One of the guys from the WP forum suggested a hack that gives me a background colour on the front page, but it still doesn't pick up the background image, and the rest of the pages still have the ugly black background.

    I tried re-installing the theme, but to no avail.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.


  2. seeing the original problem would help. At moment no black background so have no idea what is going on.
  3. Sorry Agricola - I fixed it yesterday, but hadn't got back on here yet. I got suspicious when I upgraded my other blogs and didn't have a problem, so I ended up re-installing WP 3.3 via FTP, and that sorted it. I can only assume that something didn't go through quite right the first time when I did an "automatic update" from the site.


  4. Lynn,
    Realizing this is almost like a stick in the eye, it still should be said. If you will begin to bring your site over to an External CSS form trouble shooting will be much simpler. Correct me if I'm wrong but I did not see the external link and it appeared that your home page was defined internally. A small amount of study at the w3c site or any good CSS Manual will demonstrate the simplicity and cost effectiveness of such a move.
  5. Hi Bill,

    Although I used to design my sites with raw html/css, I have discovered a program called Artisteer which allows me to design customized WP themes, and as a result have now put all my sites on a WP platform, which makes them much easier to maintain. The disadvantage is, if something goes wrong I'm less likely to know what it is.

    But yes, the theme has an external css style sheet. Don't know why it's not showing up on the source code, unless it simply picks up the whole theme. Anyway, it works now.



    PS - out of curiousity I checked the page source. It's there, right under the "title" tag:
  6. LOL! Now we all know... I'm really not perfect.

    God bless Lynn.

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