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  1. Wow???

    I must have THE most puzzled look on my face right now!
    I just got the mail from the mail box.
    In it was a letter from my Dr.
    I could feel something hard in there.
    I open it to find a gift card!
    I have no idea how much it is for, it didn't say~
    It said it was for cancelling an appointment on me and this was an apology~
    I don't feel I deserve this and wonder, as a Christian if I should return it and show understanding and forgiveness?
    A GIFTCARD????? Should I be worried? LOL!!! :D
  2. don't look a gift horse in the mouth, Violet!!!!!!!:pSend a thank you note.....bring cookies on the next visit......a door has been opened.......;)
  3. Yes, that what my husband is saying too, Angel!

  4. Considering some of the things my doctor does to me when I DO keep the appointments, I think I should get a giftcard every time....or would that be considered prostitution? @_@
  5. Send a thank you note!

    Enjoy the gift card!

    What is it for?...:D

  6. It's for anywhere, I guess....
    I got it because they canceled my appointment~

  7. i have mixed emotions about this,i was getting free stuff from a vending machine and it seemed just on my go,now i don,t like hurting others so i took my money and put it in the office so i was straight.i can,t see God needing me to give i money at others misfortune.makes me responsible God wouldn,t do that.
  8. Giftcard

    Well, personally I thank its just fine to accept the gift card because it was a gift/present given willingly to the recipient. Also alot of Doctors still will charge you a certain amount if you do not show up to your appoinment, maybe this is just his way of being fair. & I believe it was a very nice thing that your doctor has done.

    But in the case of a broken vending machine giving you free stuff & you take it that would be stealing if you didn’t leave money in the office. I think there is a deference between the scenarios.

  9. Bring your doctor a pie at the next visit. =P
  10. Thanks, all~ :)

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