Would you do it all differently?

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  1. I've been thinking of all my life experiences that have brought me to this point in my life, and I wonder...would I do it all differently? My first response would be a resounding "Yes! I wouldn't commit the sins!" But, upon reflection, many of my deepest lessons were learned in the repentance from these sins, and renewed closeness with God. Would I have learned the same lessons and gleaned all these treasures of the heart without having sinned, then experiencing the crushing conviction of the Holy Spirit? Not that this is an excuse to sin, by any means! Your thoughts?
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  2. No, because even though one perceives torment from prior relationships, I, myself, would not have given means for new life.

    Often times, and this is very, very hard to understand, 'happiness can be, even though perception say's, "my life is hell"'.
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  3. Thinking from my perspective, it might sound like things could have happened better.. But from Lord's perspective, right now I am living the "best case" scenario.. Because Lord promises that all things work out for good in a believer's life.. With a short sight, it might look like things could have gone better. But I need to put my trust in the Lord that He is giving the best life for me even now.
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