Worms and God

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    I was asked recently if I could present rational evidence for the existence of God. My knee jerk reaction is I do not need proof I know cause I know<< "wrote a poem about it":D
    I thank God that He gave me insight and direction to present my understanding of Him and His design of His creation. It was really good for me too because I see the worms I raise in a whole new light. Yes I am a worm farmer.

    Worms and God

    I see Gods design in everything, although I am awe struck by His speaking the heavens into existence, illuminating it with everything in its place. He knows the stars by name all display light praising their creator. All the planets set into motion moving in perfect harmony with each other displaying Gods glory throughout the universe (one verse) We do have an awesome God! These are things I see, I do not know much about them.

    I do know about worms, so I will talk about them. I raise three different kinds of earth worms all are composting worms. What does this have do with God? What rational evidence do earth worms provide of God? They are part of an awesome design of an awesome God. I want to ask a few questions for you to answer for yourselves and ponder your answers as I present earth worms God's awesome design.
    Do you or anyone you know have house plants? How often do you re pot your plants? Do you know why you re pot them?
    Now I would like to take you through the forest in the fall leaves are thick covering the ground limbs and other debris are visible. Should we walk this same path mid summer there are traces of the previous fall but most has disappeared into the forest floor. This is God's design from fungus to worms and microbes continue working year round replenishing the nutrients to sustain the forest. I ask people what happens with it they say it rots, this is true but there is more to it than that. There are billions of little creatures of God's design feeding the plant life and trees and maintaining the forest floor.
    Now back to the worms I raise red worms aka Red Wigglers this is a great little worm it devours its half its body weight(1000 = 1 pound) daily. The casting (worm poo) are one of if not the most sought after organic fertilizer there is. Who would have thunk it? God's Design! He feeds His creation with the best. Plants grown using worm castings are much healthier more resistant to bugs and disease. Who would have thunk it? God's Design! On top of that it improves the soil with no side affects. Worm castings can be used to make a tea which not only fertilizes but when sprayed directly on the plant it will stop insects from hurting the plants. The worm casting will not burn plants even when fresh unlike horse or cow manure.
    We do have an awesome God!

    I told you about my red worms, I also raise European night crawlers a bigger worm
    (500 - 600 make a pound) They do not eat half their body weight but close being a big worm they do produce their share of compost.
    My third worm is an African night crawler they get up to 10 inches in length and eat anything
    (250-300 = pound) these monsters devour 1 and a half of their body weight everyday. 1 pound of worms 10 days 15 pounds of the best fertilizer known to man.

    Chemical fertilizers were a quick fix becoming a hazard to our rivers lakes and streams even man. Killing off animals, insects and all the beneficial critters that made the soil fertile to start with. Do you remember in school when you were taught that people used to think the earth was flat. Had they believed the scriptures that said it was a sphere they would not have feared falling off the edge. For me it is a no brain er to except that He got it right and left no need for improvement.
    I think Gods design is plainly seen when you understand the working of the forest floor.
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  2. What an awesome God that we serve! And i really enjoyed reading how God showed Himself in the creation of these little guys! It's really neat to take simple creatures that God has made and be able to see Him in it?
    May the Lord richly Bless all that you put your hand to!
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    Turtle this creature that seems so simple is really so complex. These little bitty creatures not only play a big part in maintaining and providing nourishment for all plants. These are the same plants and trees that provide you and me with the air we breath. It is a stretch but if you look you will see the symbiotic relationship of the worms and trees. One feeds off the other in turn is provided the nourishment to sustain life.
    Yes we have an awesome God.
  4. This is straight over my head. I have never been fishing but I know you need worms (that's the entirety of my fishing knowledge) :)
  5. One of the most amazing signs of the handiwork of God in the little things of nature is the life-cycle of the lancet fluke. It's reproduction depends on controlling the actions of an ant at the neuron level. It must move from a sheep (or some other cattle) to a snail to an ant, and then back to the sheep at various stages of life. It's like something out of a sci-fi/horror movie.


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