World Cup Brazil 2014!!!!

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  1. It took me several hours to actually realize that we had lost this chance. The saddest part of this defeat is to have seen how commentators from all over the world rushed to criticize Argentina's team. It was like an avalanche of hate from people with whom we have never had any sort of conflict or who should have been friendly to us, like the Brazilians, our neighbors and commercial partners. I had read articles saying that Argentina uses football as a way to forget his economic problems (as opposed to Germany, for whom football is simply a hobby, I assume), as well as Brazilian bloggers claiming that yesterday Brazil was a country of 200 million Germans (a statement that is as ridiculous as counterproductive for our relationships with our neighboring country). I must say that it is particularly sad to see how Latin America is filled with hatred when in fact it would be in our best interest to unite as an economic block (like the European Union and other unions that are being formed in other parts of the world). The good aspects of this defeat have been the support that we have received from different parts of the world. A friend from India called me last night to tell me that he was sad because we didn't get the Cup. Also, Neymar supported Argentina too. Perhaps the only Brazilian to do so. We had a lot of support from Paraguay too, in spite of the sad history of military conflicts with our brothers from that land. It eludes me how Brazil could have supported Germany over Argentina, when Germany inflicted them the most shameful defeat in their history only a week ago. That to me is more sad that having lost the World Cup.
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  2. I don't seem to have seen most of that although it was reported over here that most Brazilians would want Germany to win. It wasn't clear to me whether of not there is just a football rivalry or whether its a more general thing. I don't agree with it but the football side does happen over here even at club level. As someone who follows (when I was I kid, I really was a fan but these days, I just keep an eye on the results) Norwich City, I suppose I ought to hate Ipswich Town... It seems a bit silly to me, perhaps particularly as they are both clubs to whom I think it would be fair to suggest getting to play in the Premiership (our top league - Norwich were relegated from there last year and both will be aiming for promotion to it this coming season) and achieving stability there could be considered an achievement and the only 2 clubs in my area with a reasonable prospect of doing so. You'd think we have much in common but "hate thy neighbour" often seems to be the football way.
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