World Cup Brazil 2014!!!!

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  1. 5-0 already :eek:
  2. Yes. it is incredible. The Brazilians were all crying.
  3. Just woke up....wait...5-0!!! I'd picked Germany for the win, but this is crazy.
  4. It is 7-1 now. The Brazilian's dream turned into a nightmare.
  5. Amazing! I wonder what it will be like for Brazil playing in the 3rd and 4th place final after this hammering.

    Germany favourites for the cup now?
  6. They've been my favorite straight through. They've seemed to have the most consistent performance and distributed talent team-wide. Most of the other favorites seem to be hanging on the genius of one or two excellent players.

    Although, it's easy to get over-confident after a game like this. And now Germany's next opponent will be sober and ready for the worst coming in.
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  7. I don't know if Germany played an awesome game or Brazil just played a pathetic game! certainly, this game would provide great motivation for Germans.. Argentina vs Germany would make an awesome finals..
  8. Probably a bit of both.
  9. I don't know if a bit of both.. looked like 80% contribution from Brazil
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  10. In my opinion Brazil thought that they were destined to win this world cup. They were overconfident. Germany is a great team, of course. They are probably the favorites after what they have done tonight. I am sure that they are also the most hated team in Brazil right now.
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  11. The crowd was cheering for them. They played good soccer. The most hated team in Brazil is Brazil.

    Its quite funny. Men kicking balls in nets can cause such emotions.
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  12. I wouldn't go around in a German T-shirt in Rio today. This is how they took it in Brazil.

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  13. I'd agree and do think there are things about sport in general that can be questioned. As well as emotions that can even lead to violence, one could consider "hero worship", the win at all costs (eg. drug taking) aspects, the gambling, etc. that can go with it.

    Still, I can enjoy watching football (and cricket and sometimes rugby)...
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  14. We are in the finals!!!!!!Thanks God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  15. Congratulations! What a risky game though, eh? The tactic of doubling up on defense and relying on the genius of Messi to hold together an offense with only one or two supporters worked brilliantly against Belgium, but that's a big chance to take against solid defenses like Netherlands and Germany. If they don't change anything, I can see the final going to PKs as well.
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  16. Thanks David! I think that Argentina is playing much better now than at the start of the world cup. Against Germany I would do the same thing that we did today. Germany is more dangerous than Netherlands, but not that much in my opinion. I was actually more afraid of Netherlands. Besides, even if Germany defeats us, I am more than happy with the performance of our team. They have managed to defeat teams that were considered much better.
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  17. Well, Germany won it. I am proud of my team, though. They really gave their best effort.
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  18. I had in an early post in the thread picked Holland as my own most likely candidate for winning but I do think that the best two teams did make the final.

    Tonight, I thought that Argentina's "catch them on the break" was going to be the most likely source of a goal and it didn't seem to me that Germany really knew how to deal with an attacking Messi so up until the last couple of minutes I thought if anyone was going to win it in normal play it was going to be Argentina.

    Whatever, congrats to Germany who I think proved themselves to be the best organised team over the whole course and to Argentina as very worthy runners up.

    It has been a really good world cup.
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  19. No Messi magic :( I wanted Argentina to win.. My wife was supporting Germany (only because I supported Argentina!!)

    They had quite a few golden opportunities. Things where falling into their hands.. But they failed to grasp. Too costly misses in a world cup final. Now they are going to miss sleep for many nights because of that..
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