World Cup Brazil 2014!!!!

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  1. What are your thoughts about the results so far? Spain has been swiftly eliminated and in a very embarrassing way. England has also been eliminated very quickly. Brazil is playing bad. So, what do you think? Who will take the cup?
  2. I don't think many would have predicted the way in which Spain have fallen. Most experts in the UK had England down for at least making the last 16 but I'm not convinced going out like this is that great a shock. I haven't watched any of the games (other than catching the odd few minutes - others are watching it at home) but going by some comments I heard about the refereeing in the first game, it might be that Brazil are fortunate to still be in the competition. That said, I think they will pick up.

    I'd say the surprise team to me has been Costa Rica but I don't think they would make it to the finals.

    As for a winner I think my most likely candidates would be Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Holland. A South American winner may be more likely but I think I'll go with Holland. You?
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  3. I also think that Brazil has been playing at a very low level, at least for their standards, but I remember that in a previous World Cup they also started low, yet then ended up being the champions. They normally improve a lot during the final stages of the Cup. I think Germany is at a very good level and also Netherlands. All of the American teams (including USA) have been doing great. I would like Argentina to win the Cup, basically because I am from Argentina. However, I would love to see Costa Rica winning the Cup. That would shock everybody!
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  4. USA!!! USA!! USA!! USA!! :D

    Am just surprised how well US have played.. I am not a football fan as such.. but I watch every world cup.. I know the rules (know what offside is!).. So enjoy watching world cup..

    Looks like Germany and Brazil have a very good shot this time.. Not sure if any other team has show consistency.. Argentina would be underdogs for me.. I don't see the firepower from Messi on full show.. May be that is needed to push Argentina.
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  5. USA has improved greatly during the last decade. If they continue in this trend they will become one of the best national teams in the world.
  6. So true! I can see so many kids interested in football.. Most of them start at a very young age.. I think that is the key.. It is being sown among the kids and as they grow up, they have both the passion and skills (developed all through their life).. I can see good days ahead for US football team..
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  7. Where I grew up in Southern Arizona, football(soccer) was often more popular than American football through high school but then suddenly popularity drops off in the collegiate game. I'm not sure why.
  8. With Spain and Italy gone, it is really open, I had one of them to do well, Brazil are not playing to the potential we know they can, I fancied Chile, but Brazil beat them on Penalties. Holland look good, don't underestimate the Germans and Argentina are looking good as well, I think the team to watch right now are Colombia
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  9. Before the tournament started, I'd have had Italy, Portugal and Spain as getting through the group stage comfortably.

    Chile came very close to a winner last night.

    I'd still be going for one of Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Holland but anything can happen and I don't think Holland will find it easy against Mexico tonight.
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  10. How right you were...A 94th minute Winner sealed it
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  11. I thought that Netherlands was already out of the Cup, but they managed to win. It was an exciting game. Do you guys think Nigeria will defeat France?

  12. I think I'd just about pick France for that one. I'll probably be wrong but I think my "most likely upset" from the remaining matches in this round would be USA to beat Belgium. You?
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  13. I think France is the clear candidate for winning that match, but I would like to see Nigeria on the quarter finals. They are a very good team with almost no monetary support. I think USA can beat Belgium. I would like that result.
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  14. 2 penalty shootouts already! My wife does not watch football at all.. Now she likes penalty shootouts alone.. Because match gets over in a matter of minutes! LOL! :D

    But Costa Rica did so well yesterday.. With just 10 men.. Amazing effort..
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  15. I love penalties. Maybe Nigeria vs. France will also end up in penalties.
  16. Ya true!! Once they step into extra 30 minutes, I secretly wish they don't score any goals in that 30 mins :D
  17. Well, may not be the case today!
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  18. I'm not really a fan of penalty shoot outs. I never really feel the result as satisfactory as one settled during normal play. Also it would get kind of boring if both sides decided to shut up shop and let the outcome be decided that way. That said, I think I prefer it on balance to the alternative of a replay.

  19. If we have to be fair, then what you said is absolutely correct.. In fact, I know one Cricket tournament in Australia.. They always have 3 finals.. In this way, the winners need to show consistency over their opponents rather than just having one good day (or the opponent having a bad day).. But as viewers it becomes a little too much.. i think penalty shootout generates so much interest for viewers... At the end of day, whatever is more entertaining is what people are going to prefer!!
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  20. Nigeria is out of the world cup.

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