World Communion Day

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  1. Today we celebrated World Communion Day in worship! What a breath of fresh air.......participating in Eucharist in communion with our church families across the world. It was really a great joy. Did anyone else celebrate World Communion Day in worship today?
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  4. The Awesome thing about taking Communion is you don't have to wait until your church does it.

    You can (and should) take communion with the Father often.
    1. Settling a prayer as answered and done according to His word.
    2. Over your tithes and offerings
    3. Just because you love Him
    And So Very Much More.

    There is Just something that happens on the inside of you when we do. It's like more life is birthed.
  5. We always have communion at our Church every first Sunday. It was communion sunday yesterday.
  6. Yes, we do too. It's just that this was a special sort of communion where we celebrated it with the whole world.
  7. I love this idea!

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