Words to describe the Lord in worship

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  1. Jesus Christ Is ... Perfect. Holy. Righteous. Loving. Kind. Friendly. Helpful. Protective. Caring. Sharing. Powerful. Mighty.Compassionate. Forgiving. Empowering. Discerning. Overwhelming.Consuming. Cleansing. Healing. Delivering. Restoring. Moving. Creating. Destroying. Smiting. Fulfilling. Distinctive. Comforting. Providing. Teaching. Training. Purifying. Freeing. Liberating. Preserving. Consigning. Reproving. Addressing. Confiding. Courageous. Victorious. Credited. Historical. Proven. Incorruptible. Unfailable. Infallible. Trustworthy. Protected. Immune. Responsive. Privileged. Honorable. Honored. Legitimate. Reliable. Good. Reputable. Celebrated. Praised. Glorified. Famous. Renowned. Loved. Served. Worshipped. Sought. Needed. Required.Requested. Beautiful. Living. Breathing. Alive. Active.Amazing. Inspiring. Productive. Producing.Creative. Abundant. Rich. Adequate. Decent. Modest.Pure. Real. Moral. Wholesome. Safe. Beneficial.Excellent! Eminent. Prominent. Remarkable.Extraordinary. Supernatural. Miraculous.Astounding.

    ~ From One Christian Ministry
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