Words Of Wisdom

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  1. We are not waiting on God; God is waiting on us. Amen

    In order to walk in the Spirit, one must first walk through the fire;
    if the fire doesn't clean you up, it will burn you down. Amen

    Love doesn't kick you in the teeth when it see's you down;
    Love reaches out its hand and lifts you up. Amen.

    Revolve your life; your very being around Jesus,
    and Jesus will revolve around your life, and become your very being. Amen

    If one is not hearing from God; it is because God is not hearing from you. Amen

    Storms are never tougher than the faith we have to believe;
    if we have faith and believe, there is no storm that can rock our foundation. Amen.

    The entire world has been saved; least the death of Christ be in vain,
    It is our choice how we want to be saved; eternal life or eternal damnation. Amen

    All praise, honor, and glory be to God.

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