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  1. How often have we heard someone cursing or refer to someone else in a derogatory term? How often have we done it ourselves?
    The words we choose come from our heart. If we don't think it we don't say it. Even in those heated moments or moments of startled reaction where we "slip up" the fact is that we speak what is in our hearts.
    Jesus made it quite clear that sin starts in the heart. The decision to commit a sin makes us just as guilty as physically committing the sin. In that light, even thinking of someone in a derogatory term is wrong. It is not enough to just remain silent. How we think about a person affects how we treat them.
    Treating a person in an evil fashion is no worse than thinking of them in an evil fashion. This even applies when we are driving or otherwise “alone”.
    Our words have great effect on those around us. We can see this easily in children, but the same is true in all of us. Some adults just learn to hide their reactions better than others. This is why we are told to control our speech and keep it as plain as we can. We will give account for every word we speak when we face Jesus.
    All that being said we are also told that no man can tame the tongue. What comes from our mouths is what is in our hearts. We have to ask ourselves: Who controls our hearts?

    Philippians 2:1-4 James 1:26 James 3:1-12
    1 Peter 3:8-10 Matthew 12:33-37 Luke 6:45 Matthew 5:21-30, 37
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  2. Your heart is meant to be a new one given by God.
    Remember Jesus gave his life for you, paid by his precious blood which poured out from HIS heart.

    The words we speak meant to be HIS words, as He is the Word.
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  3. Our mind.
    However, we have two minds in one, depending on choice of reference. Basically, these are from love or from fear.
    When from love, it comes from Truth (the real). The spirit-mind.
    When from fear, it comes from delusion (the unreal). The body-mind,

    Basically, I am totally responsible for all my thoughts and actions (including speech).
    My thoughts determine my reality (either real or not real).
    I am what I create for myself. God's creation is always there for me whenever I clear the decks of my delusions through repentance (returning to Christ).
    I prefer to create myself in Christ/God, the Greater Reality.
  4. Man makes their own choice to follow God or Not to.....Now man is not sovereign unto himself. What does this mean ? It means man needs a spiritual overlord. What does that mean ? It means that there is NO such thing as the devils thoughts and Gods thoughts and there are MY thoughts.. No this is simply not the way it works. You thoughts are influenced either by God or evil.

    To much of the time it is the thoughts we blurt out that satan has given us that gets us into trouble or gets the ball rolling. One thought placed in you then he waits to see what you will do with it and our reactions are just as important as our actions. This is why you see some once they give in to these impulsive thoughts it is like their horn is stuck but in all truth it is just the devil feeding thought after thought in full motion.

    This is just another avenue of taking a thought for thoughts will come at you all day long and what you do with them is what matters. Cast them down and take them captive or sow them as good or evil. Either way they will go to work and they will reep a harvest.


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