Words From The Heart

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  1. Words From The Heart

    Words From The Heart

    As I stood there looking
    Out the back door
    I saw them from afar

    The two steeples
    Shining brightly
    Within the darkness of the night

    Standing tall against the sky
    Representing so much
    Offering warmth and love
    To the catching eye

    I took a few moments
    To ponder my life
    Where the rollercoaster ride of life
    Has taken me

    Quite the ride
    It has been
    Many ups and downs within

    Since meeting you
    My life has been shining brightly
    Just as those steeples do

    Shining bright
    With love and happiness
    Laughter and sharing

    One can look back
    And ask
    Why did it take so long?
    Why was there so many years
    Of suffering and longing

    As we have learned in life
    One must go through
    Trials and tribulations
    One must have faith
    That better days are ahead

    If one’s eyes are focused
    Strongly on the cross
    A path will be shown
    A path of a life journey

    Many a night was
    Spent on bended knee
    Pouring my heart out
    To the one above

    A day came that you came
    Into my life
    A prayer that was answered
    A prayer that has brought so
    Much ecstasy into my life

    I look forward
    To many moments with you
    Moments of tenderness
    Moments of sharing
    Moments of caring
    Moments of love

    But most of all
    The moments spent
    Together in prayer

    Prayers that are sent
    To the one above
    To show us the path
    The path of the new journey

    A journey shared by two
    Two that know
    With faith and love
    Anything is possible

    It is through Christ
    That we are strengthened
    Strengthened no matter
    What may happen
    Today, tomorrow
    And into the future too.

    August 2006
  2. Your poetic journal is awesome!
  3. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it
  4. You are so welcome

    Love it.. a day without giving is a day without love! I have to remember that one! have a super week-end

  5. Ditto here!!!
  6. I too enjoyed this, thanks. :)
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I love that:D

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