Words from my Fathers lap

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  1. Words from my Fathers lap

    I only post this poem whe I beleive the Lord leading me to do so. I had not thought of this poem in a long time and He brought it to my mind as i was scanning the forums here tonight and i bleive He wants some one to read this, I think the Lord wants to speak to some through it. Please remember it is copyright material!

    Words from my Fathers lap

    Lord you said get up and write
    Here I am, what is it you want from me?
    What has got me up this hour
    What can possibly set me free?

    Your words are not your own
    Stop trying to set the pace
    Surrender it all to me my child
    I want you to win this race

    The race you run is not just for you, you see
    This race is for my Son, now get on bended knee
    He wants to tell you how He feels to be your coming King
    He gave His life for you, gave His everything

    Will you be the bride of Christ, His lovely wedding gown?
    What must He do to get through to you, the past can not be found
    Your attack is not your own, but that of the enemies sting
    I gave you life, I gave you all, I gave you everything

    Fight back child, fight back hard
    You can do all things in Christ
    His name is power, His blood the devils foe
    Look up, smile, you know the way to go!

    Take up your cross and follow me
    My love forever you will be
    See the tears in my eyes, look upon my face
    I know the pain you go through child, but you will win this race
    Dont look back there is nothing there for you

    Your hearts desire to help the hurting, to set the captives free
    Oh my child it can be done just get upon your knee
    You have my heart and I hold your hand
    We can heal a hurting land

    The people perish left and right, I ask my child will you fight?
    I need your help to bring them in, set them free of all their sin
    My Son was sent to the cross to die, A death He freely took
    My heart is broke at how many names not written in the book

    The Lambs book of life is for all who trust in Him
    Those captives set free for now, forever...they win!
    No lies, no stife, not even an ounce of sin
    But only in my Sons blood will the names be written in

    What is it child that holds you back, at this time you can not see
    In my time you will know what sets the captives free
    You will run and not grow weary, you will walk and not faint
    You will be like glue in this world and spread His blood like paint!

    Time is short my Son is coming soon
    Get up, get out of your dust and gloom!
    I have a job for you and I intend to see it through
    You have asked me "Lord what can I do"?

    Come boldly to my throne of grace
    Your presence is requested in this place!
    Take time with me, I will show you what you long to see
    Learn my child who it is I created you to be

    A call I have placed upon your life its true
    But it takes surrender every day not just a time or two
    Dont give up my child, dont sit there feeling blue
    Rise to the test, be strong in my might
    Stand up and fight, fight, fight!

    Written by: Glowy
    Inspired by: The Holy Spirit
  2. Wow Sister, this was beautiful and powerful all at the same time.

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    Blessings, Cheri:)
  3. Oh my goodness!!!! This is an "Awesome" poem sister. It really make you think and get the spirit moving. And it also makes you ask yourself,

    "what do you have for me to do Lord."

    God bless and thank you so much for sharing.


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