Wondering - How come posts never posted up after all??

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by godsdeborah, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Wondering - How come posts never posted up after all??


    I am wondering what might be the reason that 2 posts I made have never made it out of "moderator approval"... I tried to post a reply onto BOTH the threads in the "Prayer Team Discussions Forum... one the; "Attention Prayer Team Members!!!" thread - and then the other one; "Dr Stanley Prayer Thread"... however when I posted I got a message that my post was going to be examined by a moderator and then would be put up there after, BUT unfortunately it is now several days later and those posts never ever did make it up onto those threads??? Does anyone know why, that they could maybe share with me?? And is there any chance that they ever will actually show up there now?? I am also wondering if it is usual for every post in the Prayer Team Discussions to be moderated, or is it perhaps just because I am still so new to CFS?? Should I maybe refrain from attempting to post in those Threads until I've been here for a longer period of time? THANK YOU for reading this and I do hope also for answering too :smiley150:
  2. On some forums all posts are approved first. There are only a few that do that so it takes time. And one main one is not here right now. Hope she will be back soon.
  3. Thanks Godspeaks... and YES AMEN hope she (Godbe4me ;) is back soon! No prob I jist was wonder'n is all being unfamiliar wit evr'y ting! ALL is coooooooL
  4. Hi! I do not see the ones that are moderated :/
    I will try to look around for it.
    Godbe4me is still trying to get better....so I will be the one that approves the moderation or HisManySongs.
  5. Gee THANKS spinning!! I appreciate that, the posts were submitted a couple days ago at least now... the one is a comment affirming the need for prayer for BOTH America and Canada and as per Dr Stanley and his prayer campaign... the other one however, is the more important, it is actually expressing my willingness and desire to contribute to the fundraising efforts that Godbe4me was involed with, and so I do hope that one might be found and passed along to her for my inclusion in that effort. THANKS agin I really am grateful to ya. BTW am sending ya a PM separate 'bout yer own situation, hope that reaches ya ok too! ;)

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