Wonder If We Can Have A Beverage Section?

Discussion in 'Recipes and Cooking' started by PeaceLikeaRiver, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. To discuss things like wine, spirits, etc?
  2. I don't usually drink wine ...BUT this looks good :)
  3. Actually, the best of the best is a wine by the name of Carlo Rossi. I believe it can be found at a Walmart near you.

  4. My parents used to drink that awful white wine that came in a box with a tap on it...
  5. This is my favourite thing in the world, right here...
  6. Do you drink it with an olive?
  7. Yeah, although I don't eat the olives. They are necessary to the drink though. I drink them "dirty" which is to say with a bit of extra olive brine added to make it a little saltier.
  8. This is a salty drink?
  9. A dirty martini is salty, yeah. But regular or dirty, they have to be freezing cold. I keep the gin in the freezer, and the glassware too.
  10. What you could do is mix the gin with the Carlo Rossi. Add some fruit, and a little juice, now you have sangrias!
  11. Bourbon drinker here. Also a fan of vodka due to the almost limitless mixers. And, of course, rum since I live at the beach!

  12. Ummm, so, it, ummm, I, errr, the, hmmm, yeah. [emoji6]
  13. What can I say but I love my tea as much as the Professor.

    Though I've never bathed in earl grey.

    Assam, lovely!
  14. I love southern iced tea. Yum! Had to learn how to make it with Xylitol.
    I can't stand anything with any alcohol in it. As soon as alcohol touches my drink, the drink is ruined. But I love to cook with wines, etc.
  15. Xylitol is alcohol.

    And when you cook with it, it never burns or evaporates off.
  16. I think you know there are many forms of alcohol....
  17. There are. And we use them all the time.

    To truly avoid them is nearly impossible. Unless you grow and process all that you eat, drink or wear.

    This is why I'm a teetotaler. I refuse strong drink, but I don't get paranoid over it.
  18. Just keep in mind the damaging effects of artificial sweeteners. Not not only are they unhealthy, they can also cause folks to gain weight. Our bodies aren't fooled by the fake sugar and will seek it out in other foods. Basically, artificial sweeteners make you crave sweets.
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