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    I thought that we don't hear enough of the contributions women of the NT made to the Faith .. so I made a list, and hope to gain insight of their importance .. and hopefully some of the ladies here can give us a woman's perspective as well ..

    Women of the NT ..

    1 Mary (mother of Jesus)
    2 Elizabeth (relative of Mary)
    2 Mary Magdalene (formerly demon possessed)
    3 Mary (sister of Martha & Lazarus)
    4 Martha (sister of Mary & Lazarus)
    5 Joanna (Luk 8:3, Luk 24:10)
    6 Salome (Mar 15:40, Mar 16:1)
    7 Susana (Luke 8:3)
    8 Tabitha (Act 9:36)
    9 Chloe (1 Cor 1:11)
    10 Priscilla (Acts 18:2)
    11 Claudia (2 Tim 4:21)
    12 Sapphira (Act 5:1)

    some others ..

    Samaritan Woman
    Wife of Pilate
    Crippled Woman
    Adulterous Woman
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  2. I like the story of Esther and how she 'saved' the Jews from Haman.
  3. Wow thank you ! You forgot Damaris...love that name :)

    But some men were on his side and joined him and believed (became Christians); among them were Dionysius, a judge of the Areopagus, and a woman named Damaris, and some others with them. Acts 17:34

    One of my closest friends is Damaris, too.
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  4. I have always had an inclination towards women....:whistle:

    What men need-what I need is more learning on what it means to hold a woman (a wife) up as a crown upon my head.

    To give a woman something worth 'following'....
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    Well one thing I thought about is how when I was reading John 17 and heard how Jesus speaks of Him being IN the Father and the Father being IN Him and this kind of oneness or unity is what He wants for us (us in Him and He in us) and it reminded me that ion a physical plane there is an experience similar to this that only women have...

    A woman (once being IN her mother) grows, marries, and when impregnated the baby is IN her...

    Physically the two are one...no greater unity on that plane can possibly exist or be experienced

    Men only have the vague unconscious experience of the womb and never know as a cognizant adult what it is like to be so intimately united with another living being (that two are truly as one)...I think this is why saved women have a greater (or perhaps just different) awareness and experience of community...once they were physically at one with another in a place of calm warm security with all needs met...then they become the tabernacle and source of that for another...am I making sense? It seems to be a special gift for women that makes them love (when they really love) so deeply and on a connected personal level...

    Now this is not saying men are not unique in His creation in their own way, but this is special in my opinion...

    A man is not complete without a woman, this special gift mentioned above speaks somewhat to vocation, purpose, levels of dedication men cannot grasp...a woman of the Spirit is a person of strong character, virtue, and committed love not some play thing or chattel like in the mind of fallen men...Oh yes...God is so wise, never underestimate the importance and role of women in God's plan and purpose, cherish your other, keep her as holy, submit to her as Christ loved the church giving yourself for her...

    Any comments? Please ladies weigh in...

    In His love

    brother Paul
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    one of the fascinating things about women ..
    is they have a way of holding the whole thing together ..

    I always got a laugh out of Joanna ..
    she was the wife of Chuza (steward of Herod) ..
    so Herod's money (via Chuza's pay) was helping to support Jesus and the Apostles ..
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  7. No mention of Ruth? Come on....how cool is this?

    "Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the LORD deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me."
  8. Ixoye notice also that in the Bible the women are the ones that without fear go out early in the morning to go to Christ's tomb while the Apostles were in the upper room in fear, and with good reason. Also i love Sarah how she made God laugh when He told Abraham that he would conceive a child with her.. love that passage .
  9. It was supposed to be NT-New Testament Women, but Ruth is awesome too....
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  10. Brother Mike i did the same thing... to me the women of the NT the one that is amazing is Mary Magdalene... she seems so strong and has such a big role in being a disciple of Christ. She also contributed to the welfare of the Apostles and followed them taking care of them, and of course she was the first to see our Lord and she was given the directives from Jesus to go and tell His followers that He was alive and would soon appear to them all... strength, character and fearless.
  11. Oh yeah....oops. :oops:
  12. I am guessing as a Catholic you are probably familiar with the gnostic 'gospel of Mary' which has been much debated over the centuries? I have seen snippets of it, it is my understanding that much of the book is in fragments...maybe I am thinking of another book? Anyway, yes I would say that Mary of Magdala was an important figure in the early development of the Church as we know it.
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  13. Yes, i am familiar with it, did not really read all of it but saw what it was about... they also have a gospel of Mary the Blessed Mother and Thomas, but there is no proof they really wrote it hence that is the reason the church rejected them... i once came across another gospel of John, not included in the Bible, and what i remember is that when Christ was born time stood still, for some reason that resonates in me. Christ is the son of God the creator of all and i can imagine that time stood still when He entered our time and place. Sometimes i really think that we make too light of who and what God the Father and Christ and the HS are, we see them more like buddies, yet their divinity is something we should all keep on our foreheads and write them on our hands as a reminder every day, that is what the Shema prayer says also...
  14. You are correct that we 'make light' of God; many people have started to form what I will refer to as the "buddy christ image" although I am not trying to be derogatory or blasphemous; people have a tendency to humanize Christ and forget that He is still IN/ a part of God the Father.

    We had a mini Bible conference / revival in our Church the past three days and our visiting Pastor preached on 'not deceiving ourselves'. Very hard hitting to the core of the human condition problem.
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  15. i listen to a Christian radio station in my car traveling in my work and i love listening to Evangelists how they bring out the World of God... interesting my church priest also has been giving us sermons on the divinity of God and how we should be adoring Him and glorifying Him... he is a rather interesting person, half Italian and half Jewish, he makes us laugh when he makes fun of himself being being a Jew who became a Catholic priest.
  16. One of the things that is not spoken of by all of us Christians and that is when Jesus appeared to the Apostles and breathed the Holy Spirit on them they were all imbued with the HS that were in the room, that means also all the women there and i am sure that Mary the Blessed Mother who was usually with the Apostles taking care of them before and after the death of our Lord was truly blessed for she received the HS before the birth of Christ, Luke 1:35, and after the resurrections of our Lord in the upper room... Hyppolitus of Thebes claims that Mary lived for 11 years after the death of her Son, dying in 41 AD. Her body has never been found...
  17. Luke 1:35 does not say she received the indwelling of the Spirit at that time, the Spirit only came UPON her, but there were others...like John the Baptist for example.
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  18. want me to start one on OT women ???
    they were really interesting ..
    I have a list .. but I'll miss a few ..
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  19. Where in the bible does it say Mary the mother of Jesus was with the apostles and took care of them? I thought that was Mary magdalen ? I feel like I missed something big when I read thru the NT..

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