Women are better drivers

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  1. seeing satan holds a majority of men this does not suprise i.
  2. All's I can say is...


    LOL - just teasing.
  3. Hey, Kudos to us gals Wooo Hooo !!!! We'll take it. Thanks for that insight.
  4. In deference to both Whirl Wind and Dusty the article said women were better drivers not parkers!:D
  5. women have more patience,they live with men.
  6. Hey, excuse Me, SC, but I know for a fact that women probably invented "The Care Tag," as well as allways read those things ---and probably have hidden "Women Codes" in those things --------But I distinctly happen to know, that we men come with "Care Tags" on us which state "Purchace, as is, with no stated or implied warnaties whatsover, guaranteed to make a mess, leave smelly cloths everywhere ---with the caveat that 'there is not just clean and dirty, but many subtle shades,' usualy will destroy the kitchen when asked to cook, and usualy destroy any household apliance if asked to do domestic chores, but can make their power tools sing Opera if so desired, has no trade in value, or descernable depreatiation which can be written off, is guaranteed to make you want to pull your hair out, and go 'baahh buba bahh, buba bahh, buba bahh....etc...,"

    So how comes, we have the only "Care Tags" in the entire universe, which they absolutely refuse to read before they take Us home, when they can probably by memory, recite all the "Phrases" found within each and every other single "Care Tag" in the universe?????????????????

  7. Well well.... Michael... I am glad to hear you say that . You made my day .
  8. I have to disagree with this.
  9. How comes, no one will answer My "Care Tags" observations????? Or is that like some "Women" MIB ( Midwives In Black ) kinda thing ----and the'll send Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones after Us??????????:D

    Or, is it, becuase Men, and Women need eachother, like "A Fish needs a Bicycle," and everyone, just wants to gloss over the whole "Care Tags" thing?????????????????:D

    I am just trying to "Pick A Silly Fight," so bring your "Pillows" and "Silly String," and prepare for the worst.:D
  10. Everyone should have a handle with care tag Mike.
  11. Typically men tend to be a little more agressive andin more of a hurry- especially the younger guys.
  12. There only in a hurry, because they don't want Women to be able to read their "Care Tags," but that is what "Tickling" was invented for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Oh, I'm sorry, are you talking about auto drivers? I thought at first you were talking about how they can drive men crazy with their I want this/that, while you are out ___!, etc.:)
  14. I guess I have to agree with that one. I can't parallel park but usually don't have to at the malls.... He He.

    Hey,, am I the only woman voicing my opinion here ?

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