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  1. What do you all think of women in the workforce? Good or bad? What is the biblical way of thinking about this?

    Is it right to push young women into the workforce and down grade motherhood and marriage? Or is it an empowering thing? Or a trick to make slaves of women?

    How ought we to treat women who choose to work?
  2. I am a male, so my views might be different than yours. But I believe that women should stay at home and do the housework, while the man goes and gets the money (unless he's a farmer, which I think that God wanted all men to be. Correct me if I am wrong). Housework such as cooking, taking care of the kids and teaching them things, cleaning, and then whatever they enjoy (although, of course, God should be at the center of their lives all the time). This might be considered sexist, but unless a woman is a teacher or something like that, I don't think that they should be working. I also don't think that they should be in leadership.

    The Biblical way of thinking about this... First Scripture that comes to mind is the passage in Proverbs that speaks of the good wife who actually does work and owns a small business, if I remember correctly (I don't have the verses right now), so there might be a biblical defense for women working. But if you read the Scripture over, I'm sure that it says something about her staying at home as well. But that is from my memory. Please tell me if you find it.

    That is just my opinion on the subject.
  3. What if shes not married.
  4. I think proverbs 31 mentions that she looks after her household, so she works from home. But it doesnt say shes stuck there. She obviously goes out and does things.

    It also says shes married, as she has a husband.

    Im thinking about unmarried women here. Also women whos children have left home, is it ok for them to work as well?
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  5. Then I guess working is fine.
  6. What if the employer then wears out the unmarried working women so its too late for her to have children, and when she does marry or even if she doesnt, then make it hard for her to return when she does have children? Or is it the womens fault for wanting to work and have children at the same time. Or is it the husband at fault for not supporting her financially, being a husband as he should.
  7. I believe that the answer to those questions are yes, although i still don't think that they should be in leadership based on how the females around me for the most part act.
  8. How do they act?
  9. Well, nowadays, it's hard for people to get by with just one steady income, so a woman might be forced to work even though she has children, so that she can support them.
  10. Do you think those women in leadership in the work envrionment tend to mother their employees rather than get them to work?
  11. Hmm, so if shes forced to work is it the husbands fault for not obtaining a job that will support the family?

    You cant have it both ways....judging married women for working and neglecting their children if their husbands cant even provide.
  12. I heard that women tend to act out of emotions, and men out of logic. I find this to be true as well. A lot of women that I have seen act out of their emotions rather than logic, and that is not a good way to be, although acting out of faith in God is best.
  13. I've only really seen women in leadership on TV. I know that it's fiction, but since the media is I supporting the feminist agenda, I don't think that they would want to portray women wrongly. From what I have seen on TV when my mom watches, the women usually make really bad decisions.
  14. Ok juk well tv is not real life so I dont think you know what its like esp since you havent worked or been employed yourself.

    Anyone else want to comment?
  15. Yeah, I agree. But I do have some experience with some women that are in my life and women that I have seen online.
  16. Not work experience though. I thought you were twelve you should actually be in school.
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  17. I am 13 but yeah I am in school.
  18. Ok Juk you dont need to keep answering if you have never worked a day in your life before.

    I expect if you choose to marry though, you will be a good provider for your family and if your wife wishes to contribute you wouldnt stop her from having a fruitful occupation, in addition to mothering and housework.
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  19. In the older times all women were in the workforce. The only difference between men and women at the time was how far they wandered from home doing their work.
    The modern paradigm has been an attempt to undermine the family and force all women into the workforce to make them tax slaves equal to their husbands.
    The paradigm has been tweaked a bit in the last 30 years or so to completely destroy the family unit and force everyone (other than the elite) to spend their entire lives
    working, spending, consuming, and drowning in debt.
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  20. Well, I have done some physical labor. I really like it because I like to lift heavy things. But I guess the type of work you are talking of is office work.

    And thank you for the compliments. By the time I am old enough to get married, I will be fully and deeply committed to God, and He will truly guide my life, and I will have what you guys have. So the decision to "let" my wife work will be up to God, although I might not get married because I am almost certain that we will be right in the antichrist's reign soon. But I really do want to get married though.

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