woman rises form the apparently dead

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  1. Sounds very like she had a near death eperience. If this was a video - it didn't play for me.
  2. No "healer" was responsible but in my mind, only God could have been responsible. She came back to life not fearing death.
  3. Either way, praise God He still performs miracles.
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  4. Although don't fear (or shouldn't fear death), do you think it's appropriate to fear 'how' we die?
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  5. We are all going to die somehow and I have my druthers. But whatever happens, dying, while it may seem like forever, depending on pain, has a finiteness. I am speaking of flesh death.
  6. Indeed. That's a good thing to keep in mind, finite (however death may happen) vs infinite (eternal salvation and in the presence of God).
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