Woman gives birth to own grand daughter

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  1. This paragraph in the article struck me as odd.....

    " Yesterday’s successful treatment involved the woman having her daughter’s already fertilized egg implanted in her womb. The entire family is understood to have agreed to undergo the process, despite its difficulties, because the woman’s daughter was born without ovaries and unlike many young women in Japan, was keen to have children."

    If the daughter was born without ovaries, then where did her eggs come from? :confused:
  2. I don't understand it. :eek:
  3. You don't understand the article, or the question I posed?

    A female is born with all her eggs. These eggs are stored in the ovaries. After a girl reaches puberty, each month an egg is released from the ovaries as a part of her monthly cycle.

    The article above stated that the daughter was born without ovaries, but that her mother was implanted with one of the daughter's already fertilized eggs. So, I wondered where the egg came from if the daughter had no ovaries.

    The article spoke about the controversy surrounding surrogacy in Japan. I am guessing that the doctors don't want to share where the egg really came from.
  4. "It is now well established that fetal mammalian eggs originate from somatic stem cells."

    She may still produce eggs.

    Without the hard drive my computer would still work and produce the needed information. It just wouldn't have the storage space for an operating system to be created.
  5. I wondered where you got that quote from and what the real story behind it was, so I copied and pasted it into my google engine.......

    Human Eggs Can Develop From Ovarian Surface Cells In Vitro ( Research has shown for the first time t...)

    If you read the article, the eggs are developed from adult ovarian surface cells...... so ovaries are still necessary. A "somatic stem cell" simply means from an adult.

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