Witnessing to spiritual agnostics

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  1. Witnessing to spiritual agnostics

    How do you witness to people who consider themselves to be spiritual agnostics? What could you say? What scriptures could you bring up?

    Spiritual agnosticism claims that God's existence is irrelevent to life on earth, and spiritual agnostics follow what they believe to be the basic moral values that they believe all the worlds religions are based on, and believe that God would favour those who follow the basic moral values that all the worlds religions agree on.

    I know its Gods to do, I know its for God to reveal himself to them and not for me to strive to show them, but spiritual agnostics almost seem more difficult to speak to about Christ than atheists, to me anyway.. It seems that anything at all is brushed off as being an opinion or something and im told 'each to their own' or something, no matter what I say or do.
  2. Each time, you're Ezekiel before all those dry bones. "Can they live?", You ask.

    The Spirit knows exactly what to say. So pray, surrender yourself to Him, so you'll be used by Him, and be completely real and honest, and your emotions lead by the Spirit.
  3. Im really trying, but no matter what I say or do he brushes it off as "an individual interpretation thats irrelevant to him because he has his own views and is against organised religion". :(
  4. There's probably not much you can say to this person at this time. Certainly there is no point in quoting Scripture, as he will just brush that aside as irrelevant. Your two most important weapons at this time are prayer and the witness of the power of God in your own life.

    If the opportunity arises, point out the differences between the religions of the world and Christianity - eg, "Hinduism says there are thousands of gods, the Bible says there is only one. How can both be true?" or "Islam teaches that god has no son, but the Bible teaches that God the Son became man in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. How can those two stances be reconciled?"

    You could also use the "what if you're wrong?" tactic: "If you're right, and all religions are the same, then we all have a future in heaven. But what if you're wrong, and Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, like the Bible says? What will you do when you stand before the judgment seat of God without Him?"

    I would strongly suggest that you keep these as occasional tactics - use them too often and they will lose their effect. When/if you do use them, make sure you phrase them as questions that will force him to think rather than simply statements that he can brush aside.

    Mostly, pray that God will break the deception off this man's life.


  5. I must thank you for this because at another site, I have a Hindu woman who stated that she wants to know more about "my God." I am still waiting for her to get back in contact with me. But in the mean time I am praying and I know that God will take the lead on this.

  6. Don't talk to him about religion then. Talk to him about God only.

    You say he believes he will be in heaven because he is "good enough" following a basic moral code, well then ask him how good he really is.

    Has he ever lied? ever?
    Ever stolen? even stomething small?
    Ever commited adultry? or looked with lust?
    Killed someone? Or hated them in his heart?

    If he says yes to any of those then ask him how he could be good enough. It would be like standing before a judge and saying "Yeah I stole a bit, but i'm still a good person overal, I don't do other crimes so that should make up for it right? "
    Would a good and just judge let that person go? ignoring the crimes he committed? no he wouldn't.
    Why would people who lie, people who steal, and people who hate be allowed into heaven? Is there some grand measurement of specific unmoral activities that are wieghed against how overall good you are?

    A good and just judge wouldn't let someone off because they were generally good, so why would God? Why would God ignore moral crimes you commited just because you don't do them all the time or often?
  7. everyone will have those spiritual times in their life where they have revelation of reality, without linking it to Christ or any God. But pray that at these times, they'd somehow receive the scripture that called it from the beginning. And exposes their heart and the inner work of God apart from religious belief.

  8. The testimony of your life and relationship with the Living God cannot be denied.
  9. There are Christians who say we should always speak
    There are Christians who say we should never speak, but just do good

    I say God tells us when to speak and when to be silent (I have more trouble with the latter)

    If God tells you to be quiet -then be still.
    If God tells you to speak, then He will give you the words and you need not worry about the response you get

    When the response is poor now, it doesn't mean we have failed. If we are faithful to God, then we can be certain He will use our efforts - even tho we may not see what God has done thru us until we meet in heaven.

    Stop sweating over it. You are not doing this on your own. :)

  10. He seems to view any group of people whatsoever involved in anything remotely related to faith together as organised religion and is extremely against it. He thinks prayer and bible study is a cop out for the weak who are too cowardly to go out and do stuff instead, he even comes across to me as almost finding it offensive or something. He says he believes in christ as his saviour but yet he has also on other occasions said he believes theres other ways, he has said hes agnostic on some occasions but insisted hes christian on others, he has said he lives by christ but also said he doesnt live by the bible or believe all of the bible. He thinks that by praying for people im following worldly ways yet he has/had a reputation as a hard party man if you get me(I dont know to what extent he is or is not living that out at this point in time). He says he knows hes living well, he doesnt see himself as a sinner, seems very proud of himself. He thinks that my lack of a job disqualifies me from being able to say what he could offer a fellowship, apparently I couldnt understand how talking with muslims/buddists/etc about -their- faith and how cool he finds it and teaching in a secular classroom without a single mention of christ counts as fellowship with believers. Im narrow minded for talking about my faith with others. Apparently saying nobody can help the suffering quite like God can is weak and pathetic and insulting. Apparently telling him stories of what God has done in the church because I genuinely couldnt hold it in is religious propaganda.

    I care about him too much to let this go but my social skills are too weak to deal with this without driving him away! I mean I have even wondered whether my social skills could be a neurological problem because they are that weak and wide reaching. I could have all the confidence in the world and still be at a complete blank as to what to do, not always but it happens. I know he really doesnt want to loose the friendship but hes getting frustrated with me too, and to add to all that, hes emigrating in two and a half months. Ive already tried having him talk to a pastor but he wouldnt. :(
  11. Moses had weak social skills. Peter had weak social skills. Remember that God will qualify the called. God nows how and when this person will best be reached. Place you faith in God to give you the tools, just be prepared to use them. Don't give up on this person, just remember that you will never convert him. All you can do is present him with the truth with love and gentleness, and let God handle the convincing.
  12. To start with, you need to get it into your mind that it IS NOT your job to bring him to Christ. It is your job to talk to him about Christ and help him in whatever way you can to come to know him. Beyond that, it is up to God. This doesn't mean you give up, but it does mean you stop beating yourself up over this. Its good to care for others, but you have to care for yourself too, and it sounds like this is eating at you.

    If you are looking for a way to approach him, then I would suggest you stop telling him what you believe, and ask him what he believes and WHY? The importance is more on the what and the why. It seems like he keeps changing what he thinks, doesn't know what he thinks, or doesn't really have everything hashed out in his head yet either. What he does know, if I am reading you right, is that he is unsatisfied with organized religion (mostly what he sees people in the church doing). Stress that Christians are human and make mistakes too (hence the reason for Jesus). The point is what you do when you make a mistake. Do you shrugg it off and go on, or do you ask for forgiveness and try to not make the same mistake again. You can also stress that no matter how bad he thinks some other Christians are, that he is responsible for himself (as he is not going to be judged based on others, but on himself). Taking action is important, but you can't keep a few of God's commandments and ignore the rest. Thats like eating meat for your whole life and never having pasta, vegetables, bread, soup, and all the other amazing foods that are not strictly meat. You are both missing out and it is horribly unhealthy (I am not a diet doctor, but I don't think humans can live on meat alone since we are omnivores).

    One thing you will have to do is pray for God's intervention, because it sounds like you struggle with thinking on your toes, and you are going to have to. If you trust in the Lord, he will get your back. If you want to prepare some, then think about your past conversations with him, and see if you can identify any conflicts he seems to have had or may be having. It is the areas where he is the fussiest (and most conflicted) that you will be able to shine the light in on the easiest. Beyond that, just read your Bible.

    I hope this helps. Good luck and God bless.
  13. Here are a few passages that might help with your replies..

    John 1:10
    1Cor. 1:18
    1 Cor. 2:14

    They are unbelievers no matter how you might label them.
  14. I have recently reconected with a very dear friend. after 25 years of no contact. This person had a less than normal childhood. She had a very controling mother who was mentally abusive and physically too. My friend has lived a rather wild life in search of love and acceptance.

    That is not any concern of mine. It is in the past. What I am concerned about is her salvation. She did go to sunday school as a kid but now is a believer in evolution and believes there is no God.

    I will not even bring up the subject anymore. I just wait for little gems when she asks questions.

    I am however, praying, morning , noon and night that this person will have curiosity toward God, that she will be surrounded by people who know Christ, be aware of her past and its damning qualities, thirst for peace and calmness and the reality of Jesus, the ability of Jesus to release her from the chains of all sin and the magnitude of his saving grace. I will do this until she repents, she dies, I die or the Lord comes......
  15. Paul became all things to all people.

    Talking to non-christians must be more than a conversion attempt. People have souls, they have unique individuated personalities. They have a certain perspective, and no matter what you do, they are going to take anything you say and see it according to their perspective.

    Try to understand them, try to relate to their perspective. Find out what it means to be that person, I find that once you know and understand someone the questions on how to witness just go away on their own.

    to the philosopher talk about philosophy, to the physicist speak physics, to the mystic speak mysticism, etc etc.

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